school shorts


hi all,
Does your school allow shorts when the weather is warm?
DD's school doesn't have school shorts but lots of the kids are wearing them as are the teachers. It is roasting in there.
I finally convinced dd to wear some as she nearly passed out yesterday. I just couldn't put the fleecy tracksuit on her - she was a bit apprehensive though as she doesn't like breaking rules!
So what do other schools do in the fine weather?
Thankfully no uniform so not a problem here. I always feel sorry for the children with their fleece tracksuits and shirts and ties in this weather, it's ridiculous.
I know in my niece's school, if they had a run of hot weather the principal would send a note home to say they could wear shorts, but I also know that some parents weren't happy with this. Hard to please everyone
Our school say that in nice weather the kids can wear the westmeath gaa shorts which are white with a wine stripe down the side and our uniform is wine so they match. They are really light too. However there are lots of kids with just plain white shorts too. I have both just in case the westmeath shorts are dirty I have plain white shorts as back ups.
Yes Kooky the principal has avoided the topic I think so he doesn't get grief - they did send a note apparently on previous years (none last year as weather was so bad!) but apparently loads of parents are giving out as some children wear the tracksuit all the time ,others wear their own versions etc and I think the teachers have enough to deal with without enforcing the rules!
Alison I just got plain navy shorts in the sports shop for my two...they are grand and light.
Ah yeah I have plain white shorts for the kids and i wasnt going to bother getting the westmeath ones but I got them on sale last year so I bought they grand and big so that dd got last year and this year and will get next year out of them and then ds will have hers when shes finished school. There are loads of kids in just plain shorts though and I would dare the principal to say anything to parents about them being the wrong shorts
Both the boys and girls school here allow the children to wear the summer uniform from Easter onwards - this is really the PE sweartshirt plus the PE shorts. In the boys school, they are also allowed to wear it in September until the mid term break. My youngest lad hasn't really been out of shorts since the start of May.
N40 a summer uniform is a good idea - maybe we will get one of those eventually. Probaby when dd2 is leaving !
They get so warm in the classes - 30 kids in a class with not a lot of air isn't the most pleasant experience. I remember myself nearly passing out, it used get so warm.
our teachers said a few weeks ago that if its hot the children can wear shorts. saw some navy ones (their uniform navy and grey/navy tracksuit) in tesco yesterday for two euro so I've sent the younger one in today in shorts. NO WAY could she wear a fleece tracksuit. I dont care of the teacher moans! they finish Thursday!
I know in the UK, schools have summer uniforms as they dont finish till the end of July.
The kids' school have creasted shorts that go with the tracksuit and can wear them from May onwards and till Octobver when they come back, even on uniform days (as opposed to 'tracksuit' days).
They wear them with either their polo shirts or school jersey.
No DS gets in trouble every year for wearing shorts on nice hot days. He refuses to wear now and is sweating coming home in his big heavy uniform.
Our school has a policy that if the weather is hot, the kids can wear their own summer clothes.
When the weather is hot the children are allowed to wear navy shorts in our school.
I keep old school tracksuit bottoms and cut them up into shorts (using the wonderweb stuff) so the girls are then happy that they're wearing shorts but still have the uniform on!

Same here.
DD fell a few weeks ago and had a hole in the knee of her school track suit legs so I cut them just over the hole and she wears them to school now on tracksuit day. She looks much cooler in them than she did in the full length.

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