My children don't want to be at home for the summer!


So the term has finished and school is out for Summer - Sophia & Abigail (11&8) are thrilled to bits as they are going to Wales with the grandparents. My younger three are not however. Josh is 5 and will be going into year 1 when he goes back in Sept. Leah is 2 and is at nursey! I told them both that when Fia and Abbie are away, we'll get Nana to look after Sam(nb) and we'll all go out and spend some time together. Leah seemed pleased with the idea until Josh kicked up about it! Screaming "No Mum! I'm going back to school tomorrow! I love it and I want to play with Jade and Henry!" this absolutely shocked me because Josh never raises his voice and has had probably about three tamtrums in his entire life! After seeing this Leah screamed "No Mummy! I got to go school (nursery)!" This didn't suprise me - Leah's no stranger to tantrums
But, I don't know what to do! Fia & Abbie are going for four/five weeks as they are going to wales for a fortnight then going back to their grandparents house for a fortnight or so. So basically, it'll just be me and Ds1, Dd3 and Ds2. DH is away - for personal reasons! DH's mum has offered to take Sam (ds2) off my hands for a while so I can spend time with Josh & Leah - I'm just dreading the fight on Monday morning.
I am sure they will settle into the routine of being at home in time, kids like a routine so change is often hard but hopefully it will all settle down for you.

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