Any other non tanners out there?


We were away for 2 weeks - weather was good, about 25C. I put on the Parasol 25 every day (topped up with factor 50 during the day) and thankfully my kids didn't burn.
Anyway point is they seem to be the only whiteys around - all the other kids have come back from their hols (or might not have even be on holidays) and they all are so brown. All the parents too - I am so white compared to them (factor 30 or factor 50 all the way here as I have too many bad memories of burning - after 34 years I have got sense, I will never tan so why try). People are so surprised and ask me did we have bad weather.
DD1 keeps saying she would love a tan like her friends - she has skin like me so that ain't going to happen. I have tried to break it to her gently but combine that with her pimpley skin on her arms and she thinks she has been very hard done by!
Anyone else go abroad to the sun and come back white or are we alone (we are from the people I know!)
me and by the looks of it pip too!
i think i am officially the palest person ever!!
Non tanners here - haven't been away but during the good weather - factor 50 all the way.
I would say I would be in the competition with you Squeak.
Even fake tan looks all wrong on me - it looks false iykwim (I know it is but lots of people wear it and it looks natural). I still haven't found the right one so I am giving up.

I know, it looks awful on me too but I have to! I would reflect the light or be see through. People are shocked when they see how pale I am. I actually hate sun holiday because I am like a big bleached/beached whale!!
More competition here ladies.
In Bulgaria a few years ago, a bunch of local lads actually stopped, pointed, conferred and roared laughing at the Daz white hues that were my legs.
Its a skin type thing, we all use factor 50, i get freckles but the kids go brown. I think they got their Dads skin. Would love colour on my legs, they just get a rash
Geez bedbugs that was rude
I was putting fake tan on my legs (eventhough it didn't look the best sometimes) but dd1 has started wanting a tan now on her legs so I decided I'd better stop so I went white for the hols - although then again I wear makeup, she doesn't as I tell her she is too small so there isn't much difference, it is just makeup on my legs. If I could just find a natural one - one that washes off preferably.
I am amazed though at the amount of really brown kids around at the moment - a lot who are really pale normally, we must be unique in my area!
Hi, I know what you mean. One of ds friends called for him today and they are just back from Spain and he was as brown as a nut. On the other hand when we come back from the sun we are healthy looking iykwim, as opposed to being brown. I use a high factor all the time. Mind you I use Garnier Summer Sun and it gives a nice hue without looking like fake tan.
I used Parasol 25 on my children whilst on holidays - none of them burnt but they are all brown.
I guess it depends on their skin type. I use Parasol 25+ on DS here and abroad and he does go brown on his hands and feet, the only bits that are exposed for now! I use Factor 30 on myself. I burn easily and never tan properly so I don't bother trying. I don't mind being pale, doesn't really bother me. I can count on one hand how many times I've used fake tan.
I am the whitest person ever (my GP told me so................., he said he had never seen someone so pale and pasty looking!!!). I just burn in the sun so I use factor 50 now and just ignore the stares. Even when I got married I didnt wear fake tan and the photographer asked did I want the photos "enhanced" to make me look brown!!.
DH is like me so I'm sure DD will be a non tanner as well.
When I do get a tan I can just about manage to look white but it takes ages for me to get to that stage. About a month in 25+. My natural colour is pale blue
Dd and ds are both very fair but they don't have my skin. dd is getting the barest hint of a tan at the moment. Seriously though, only I'd know it She's still white as a ghost
For some odd reason, my top half will take a tan eventually but my legs seem to repel the sun, and even false tan never works properly on them. We use P20 all the time on hols - after three weeks in France, three out of my four children have a lovely healthy looking tan. My youngest is the fairest so we keep her covered up most of the time and she looks like we forgot to take her on hols with us, she's that pale.
5 very white people here. I'd swear we came back from a week in Florida in April whiter than when we left. We get a lot of sunshine in the summer but I stay my usual horrible white color and the kids just get more freckles. We're surrounded by people of italian descent so it can get very depressing sometimes.
I tend to do the factor 50 when I go abroad, sit in the shade etc so come back the same colour I went away usually.
I do tan really well if I try though and I'm actually fairly brown now just from the bit of sun we had here, I'd rather not have the skin cancer and wrinkles though.
N40, my legs are the same! Never pick up any colour, fake or otherwise. Pale blue, mottled and bruised. I have to wear tights if I'm wearing a dress to a wedding, no way could I get my legs out on a formal occasion!

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