My DD goes through one bag a year - they rip - and it's almost impossible to get a bag that will take her books as well as an A4 folder. I don't want her carrying the folder separately as she has neck pain.
Any suggestions - what do you do for bags? I just want one that will fit a folder and not fall to pieces within a few months!
There's a bag out from the back association (I think) but I can't remember the name of it. You'll see them in most shops. Only thing is, they're not very pretty but they are made for back health.
Oh I hadn't heard about this - does anyone have any more info? That'd be ideal, if I can convince her it's not gick...
I got so fed up with rubbish quality school bags with cartoon or the latest craze plastered all over them that last year I shelled out on NORTH FACE rucksacks for my lads and have never looked back.
They are as good as new and fit everything in, including lunch. They are plain but the lads have customised them with key rings etc.
I bought my lad a plain old one from Tesco, its done the year, fitted in everything and is still going strong.
First bag I've bought that hasn't fallen to bits.
I'm in the same position..need to replace the Disney Princess one (again!). There are some really nice ones on the Bag Shop's site (they are in the Square in Tallaght, could have other places?)
Also the camping shops like Milletts/The Great Outdoors should have good quality ones.

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