Anyone elses child not need much sleep??


I've posted before about DD.
She has us confounded at this stage.
During the summer she used to be up until all hours but we let it go because we didnt mind (she used to sleep on a bit in the mornings and it suited).
We thought that when she went back to school she would get back into her sleep by 9PM routine.
Not so!!
As I type she is still awake (10.30PM) !!!
She is up every school morning at 7.30 (at the latest. Its usually earlier).. not a bother on her.
Shes up in her room at 9PM every night but rarely sleeps before 10.30. Usually nearer 11PM.
She lies down and tried to go to sleep but it just doesnt come for her. I allow her draw to (she cant read yet) or else she jist lies there eyes wide open and bored.
Im not particularly worried. She is what she is... but I just wondered was anyone else's child the same??? Probably not!! Ive never seen anyone else post.
PS. Iwas always a nght owl myself and still read for hours befor I get to sleep so I guess she got it from me.
I have to smile, she didn't lick it off a stone did she?
I smile as a night owl myself and that ds is/was going the same route.
Payback my parents call it!
Anyway, I have noticed this year (and I hope I'm not jinxing it now) that ds is more tired going to bed and for last week or two has been able to drift off to sleep with little trouble.
Now this all ties in with physically exhausting days, ie lots of cycling, running whatever is going on.
Praise the Lord is all I'll say as he is up with the lark ready to go at 7.30 and earlier some mornings.
I have to force myself to bed earlier as I'm cranky all day as he wakes me as soon as he's up.
Dd on the other hand will drift off to sleep as soon as her head hits that pillow.
Yes, ds1 needs little sleep he takes ages to go asleep and wakes always before 7 mostly 6.30. He started ji this year I think he needs more sleep but he is fine with the amount he gets. Annoyingly he has got very clingly at bed time wanting me to stay with him its turning into fun and games at bedtime, as he has just started school I understand what a big change it is so am detaching myself gently.
When he learns how to read he will be able to amuse himself until sleep comes. I am also a night owl but could do without th early morning starts.
DD is 2 and needs very little sleep. I don't know how she does it because she is so so active during the day. SHe doesn't nap and goes to bed at 7. But she will wake once during the night to go to the toilet, likes to have a chat which goes on for 15 mins while I"m falling back asleep on the bathrom floor waiting for her (she refuses to use potty and can't get up on the toilet herself and then is up for the day at 6.20 full of the joys of spring!!!
My DH is away at the moment for 3 weeks and we aren't even half way through and I'm finding myself having 40 winks while she is at montessori to catch up! (thought going to playschool/montesori would help tire her chance )
DS is 5 and asleep before her and she's a divil for climbing out of bed to try and wake him up for playtime! HE has 12 hours a night and if he's been active during the day he has a nap. I just can't understand how she does it!!

Thats how we feel.
We're just amazed that she keeps going and shows no signs of tiredness.
She's also an extremely active child.
Yesterday she was out from whenever she went home form school until 4.30. Then I brought her swimming (and she was swimming lengths of the pool ). Home. Out again running around and cycling and climbing. In for a few minutes to gobble dinner. Didnt get to do her homework until 8.30 and she was well fit for it. No sign of tiredness.
Nothing seems to tire her out.
Thanks clouds, kate30 and ladybug for the replies.
At least I know Im not alone.
Ive never hard anyone else talk about a child who manages on so little sleep.
And NO Clouds .. she didnt lick it off the stones (and Ive heard the 'payback' one so many tiimes too ).

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