Vomiting bug


Ds started school this year, he is my first so just wanted to ask more experienced parents. He has a vomiting bug got sick through the whole night until about 7 am so obviously did not send him to school today he is drinking a little and is brighter so if he has no further vomits would he be ok for school tomorrow? Is there a rule of thumb such as no vomits for 24 hrs before going back into school?
Kate, as long as he's strong enough to go back tomorrow I'd send him in. I'm sure he was contagious before he got sick and he obviously picked it up from other children, so it's probably doing the rounds. You could check with the school but I'd say that once he's well enough to go back, he could go.
We all had the vomiting bug here and my little girl has been vomiting the last 9 days at least 1 a day. Brought her to the gp yesterday and he was saying that there is a nasty bug going round but at long as she has not vomited in the last 24 to 48 hours then she should be fine. Sent her into school for the first time in over a week this morning so fingers crossed that is the end of it.
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Lauramac, your poor dd thats a long time to be sick hope thats the end of it for you and your family. Ds is fine but wrecked would say he will get sick again, feeling sick myself I would say the whole family will get it. Any way if he is sick this evening or night will keep him home, this is his second lot of sickdays and he is only in school 5 weeks also he had a headcold in between.
Thanks CLBG was thinking the same myself.
I think it is in the creches that they like the child to not have vomited for 24 hours before they come back. If my DS was sick say at 7pm and was ok through the night, I probably would send him to school the next day.

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