JI boy punched teacher and knocked his glasses off how


If you were the mother of a JI boy who punched the teacher and knocked his glasses off how would you punish the child.
Not allowed go to best friends birthday party?
Not allowed go to friends house?

The teacher was writing a not to the mother saying that the child had tried to hit another child when he hit the teacher.
Advice please.
Not sure about punishing him sounds like he needs some help with anger issues, why would a small child lash out like that. IS there something else going on with him?
All 3 of the above and more to be honest .all privileges removed ie ds etc and a good talking too .I would also be asking why a child in j1 is showing so much aggression and is there something else going on in his life
Grounding at home and accompany him while he makes an apology to the teacher in school. Then talk to him and make sure he knows that parents and teachers talk, that while in school the teacher is 'the boss' just as you are at home.
DS gave the principle a boot in the leg on his first day of school, I was mortified

That just made me laugh out loud.
It's funny now, wasn't at the time!(5yrs ago). Being told to 'take that child home and put some manners on him' by 11:30am on his first day was a sign of things to come.
And DS's reason for kicking him?? The principal had told him to come in off the yard after break, but hadn't told him WHY he had to go in, imagine?? bold principal!

Sorry for laughing but I can just picture the scene of indignation if it were the principal in our school.
I would have a talk, I would state that it was very wrong to hit the other child, also extremly wrong to hit the teacher. I would ask WHY they did it , and keep going until they saw that it was naughty, then to compound that I felt it was a big crime I would say because you were naughty you cannot go to your friends party.

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