If you were kidnapped by aliens on the school run...


What state would the X Files team find your house in when they came to investigate:
Mine falls firmly into the Marie Celeste category... we walk to school every morning which between playschool and school is a 45 minute round trip so we're all out the door just after half 8 usually leaving a trail of destruction in our wake!!!
Definately the Marie Celeste option here - I'm only gone for about 10 mins as I'm driving 2 of the kids to school these days but I have been known to just walk out and leave lights on, tv on, the radio is permanently on. I do a bit clear up once they're all gone and I've had a cup of coffee (like I'm doing now!)
Marie Celeste/bomb site here
Decent order here, but in fairness I've only two to organise and they're big and really organise themselves, so after brekkie while they get dressed I clear up the kitchen. DD makes her own bed so I just have to do DS's
Usually the 2nd option, they make their own beds....usually.... and they clear their own dishes.....I just have to wash them
downtown Fallujah ... But I only have to walk a few mins, and I can sort things out later
The kitchen is a bomb site. Breakfast dishes still on the table. I'm doing well to get the milk back into the fridge before we leave.
Bedrooms would be a little better. I tend to fold down the duvet neatly to air the bed and always pick up any dirty clothes and put them in the wash basket on the way past.
It varies between downtown Fallujah (as Carlarua so eloquently put it ) and decent. Upstairs would generally be tidy, beds made, and PJs put away but the kitchen can be scary. Bowls everywhere, cereal & crumbs on the floor, cereal boxes & milk cartons on the counter. Most mornings I try to do a quick tidy before going out the door. But I am away a max of 20 minutes dropping DD & DS1 to playschool so it's too easy to just leave it.
Thank God nobody has voted for option 1!
I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago seeing an old friend. She has two kids 5 & 7. She has to leave at 8.30 to get them to school. She told me that beds are made, curtains are opened, kitchen is tidied etc before she goes out the door. It made me feel like a complete slob, because my house is very much the last option.
Makes me feel better that I'm not the only one!
God I actually got to choose the second option...but not because I'm super mum Beds would be made because I'm lucky that dh is here in mornings and he does breakfast and I do upstairs, the dishes are in the sink/dishwasher because if they are left on the table the dog would be up there when we are out of the house So I'm kinda good on this one by default!!
It depends on the morning. Every morning the beds are made, washing machine is on, the dishes are washed and drying on the sink and the kitchen is tidied. Some mornings the dishes are also dried and put away, bottles are washed, downstairs is vacuumed and the veg is prepped for dinner. In fairness we are all up and dressed by 7.15 and don't leave the house till after 8.30 so loads of time for getting things done.
Edited to add - dd1 and dd2 are 5 and 4 respectively and are responsible for putting pj's under their pillows, making their beds and putting their breakfast dishes by the sink so I am not really doing that much for them.
well mine is kind of tidy but it is nothing to do with me - I am out the door before DH and DS are up and DH stacks the diswasher and tidies the kitchen and leaves the place reasonably tidy. But I have no input into this.
Kitchen is tidied in the morning & beds are made, but this is only because DH is here until 8, so he gets the kids washed & dressed while I tidy up.
Now if only it stayed that way for more than ten minutes I'd be sorted!
Wow Marika, you are super organised! I work full time (outside the home!) so try to leave the house some way tidy in the mornings, hate coming home at 5:30 to a messy kitchen.
The breakfast stuff is put away and the boys pj's are left in on their beds, often say Ill get up a little earlier to prep dinner but I never do , up at 7:50 and out the door at 8:40
Dh is always gone before we get up so I'm on my own getting the boys up and out.

Oh sweet Moses!!
Fair play to you.. that's amazing!
Pj's on floor, bowls/spoons/cereal still out ...pretty messy/chaotic
I think you need to add another option for me. ha ha!
We are ALWAYS late so zoe eats her weetabix out of a cup in the car on the way to school That doesn't mean I have a clean kitchen though, yesterday's dinner dishes are still there as I type. I need a seriously big cleaning day today.
I've gone very lazy since moving into my own place, not as clean and tidy as I used to be!
marika, you are wonder woman!!
mornings are my worst time of the day.
nothing gets done before we leave for school.
when i get back from the school run i spend the first hour sorting everything out, and then i have my brekkie.
then it's dinner prep (and cooking, depending on what the meal is), clearing out and setting the fire, hoovering etc.
all that goes out the window if i have something on in the morning.
i hate catching up in the afternoon when the kids get in.
marie celeste.....stuff everywhere
My house always looks like the apocalypse. we have fun inventing new excuses for why its such a state.
I'm afraid I could vote option 1
I'm up at around 6.45 to get my DS1 out to school so I have time in the mornings.
When I leave, the kitchen is cleared, the floor swept, dishwasher usually on. Often a load of laundry is also on. Beds dressed and rooms tidy.
I usually go straight to work and just couldn't face coming home to a messy house at 5 pm.
Also I am paranoid about mice and worse in the house so hate to leave any food out.

now, im with you on this.
if we are going out for the day i try get everything done cos i find it really depressing to have to get stuck into everything when we get back.
On a good day...Marie Celeste
On a bad category even invented yet!
We are not an organised family (Understatement of the year )
An absolute mess - lights still on, curtains still closed, ceral bowls still out (if they have not been brought into the car) nappy on floor (thank god this forum is anonymous) tv paused with a fake promise that it will be there when they get back. when I go from the school run to the shops and return back about an hour later I actually get a shock at the mess I have left!!

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