jeans/trousers for curvy little girls


girls, i have an awful time trying to find jeans to suit dd.
she has a lovely curvy little figure, and is the perfect weight for her height (she is age 5.5),
but most jeans i come across are more suited for kids with no bums.
im sick of dressing the child and realising she has a builders bum when sh leans over.
it's a horrible look.
it is like as if the body of the jeans are just not long enough, so they wont sit above her waist iykwim?
has anyone had any success in this department?
DD1 is the exact same...builder's bum constantly
The only jeans that fit her well at the moment are from Name It...they have an elasticated waistband.
I will watch this thread with interest
i think i have tried name it.
i have a pair of chino type ones from benneton that are ok, and a pair of jeans from heatons that are grand too.
talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!! LOL
the skinny leg, or bootleg ones are just no good, no matter who does them.
the baggy carpenter style are the closest i have gotten to comfortable for her.
My dd is the same with jeans,I got skinny jeans in tesco for her and they fit well
will be watching this with interest myself. DD1 has to take clothes 7-8yrs as 'her' size are too narrow and no hope of fitting her. Fed up of fiddilng around with diff sizes cos some are only okay and some are too big or loose in waist.
If buying from Dunnes, Penneys, Heatons and Adam have to go 2 years up.
If Next only one year up will do, but dont get to go there very often. got cords from McCul and it was bit tight so changed to bigger size which is too loose , so its but away for after Xmas. McCul skirt is a good fit though.
Gertie I love the Sainbsbury ones, if your up there again have a look. DS1 has no bum but DS2 has a fine one!!! and these have a nice highish waist, I also got a pair of the boys ones for dgd and they are lovely on her and my friend got her curvy little one (very similar build to your dd) the girls ones and they are fine, and for £4 you can't go wrong!!
thanks girls.
must start looking round now.
nessa, i have never tried sainsbury's trousers on dd, i did have a few dresses from there and they were lovely.
all i need now is a whack of money!!
I was going to suggest Tesco too. I have the opposite problem with DD1, bought her a load of jeans that fit lovely in the length but were way too big around the bum and waist. Think they were only €8 or €9 too

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