Ds1 and Einstein :)


Well I know now my ds1 wont be lacking in confidence or selling himself short in any way when he grows up . This was our conversation last night:
Ds1: Mam, you know those sums with the xs and ys and x squared ?
Me: You mean calculus? Yes, why?
Ds1: I wish we did that in school
Me: Why, do you think you would like it?
Ds1: yeah, it looks cool. Its like the sums you always see in pictures of Einstein
Me: well I always enjoyed calculus in school, I am sure you will love it too , when you do it
Ds1: I want to learn it so I can be Einstein when I grow up!!!!
Can I just add he is a perfectly normal, gorgeous, 10 yr old of average intelligence, whose only resemblance to Einstein at the moment in the state of his hair in the mornings
Ahh sweet
My DD1 is going to be president of Ireland don'tcha know
Gorgeous! He'll be anything he chooses to be with that wonderful self confidence!

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