Forgetful 11yr old


DS is 11 almost 12 he won't do anything he is told just keeps saying he forgot. DH is fed up with him and they are constantly fighting which is driving me insane to the point of tears. DH thinks its laziness but i'm not sure. Also have 1 yr old so can't follow him around to make sure he's doing what he's been told. Is this normal for his age anyone else having similar problems???
Have you got my Ds1 there
He is as scatty as they come
I am going to try fish oils in tablet form supposed to be great for helping concentration.
Ds is a very laid back child but also very deep thinker.
Oh I feel your pain.Our DS1 is 12 in April and I swear he drives us to drink
Seriously,he forgets everything.If you ask him to go upstairs for something he is likely to come down with the wrong thing.Tell him be home at 6pm and he will come in at 6.30pm.Feed the dogs results in dogs starving!
I think though it is more to do with them just not tuning in.If its not about them they really couldn't be bothered at this age.
I now make him repeat everything I ask him to do and make him repeat it again and again until I think he has taken it in!

I could have written that
Maybride, I started my ds (12) on the fish oils and i don't know if it's my imagination or not, but i have certainly noticed a difference. It might be worth your while trying him on them
If he has a couple of jobs he has to do every day - just make a list and put them on the fridge tell him to tick them off. I have sympathy for him - im very forgetful too! I have a head like a sieve and I have to write everything down to remember it

He does have a few jobs to do but thinks he's way to old.... to have a list. Now I am extremely forgetful myself and live by the reminders on my phone. Maybe it runs in the family.....
Will try the fish oils I see how we go.
You know what - its a male thing !!!.
My ds is nearly 11. Nice boy but has an answer for everything at the moment. And has elective his father !. Dont worry.....they'll never change

Oh thats reassuring thanks for that
Brain development ..... a teenager will go through the terrible 2's again in the teenage years. The brain is totally rewired so forgetting things is just a mild side effect from that - wait for the blow up over the most minimal thing..... it will pass ... y_ID=53143 ... aindev.pdf ... _brain.htm
Oh thank god, posts like this give me hope Another 11 year old whose a total scatterbrain living here, has to be told everything 10 times, unless of course its to do with football, often forgets schoolbooks but never forgets his footie gear
Hi, my 12 yo is similar but if he can remember whats important to him, he can remember whats important to me. If he goes out his phone has to be charged, if not he doesnt go. It happened once, and once only. His time to be home is set in stone, again it happened once that he was late home by 45minutes and he didnt answer his phone when I rang. He was grounded for a week and guess what, he is always home 5 minutes ahead of time. He has set jobs to do in the house and he knows what they are. If they are not done there are consequences, which he already knows. On the other side, his bedroom is his and I just close the door on the mess and dont nag about it. He does have selective hearing at times and is a typical teenager but I do expect him to have some respect for us and our expectations.

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