Ds has his first school play tomorrow


My ds who is 6 is in his first school play tomorrow.They are doing Peter Pan.I am so nervous for him though he is oblivious to it being a big deal.He has the first three lines as narrator to say so straight away there he will be.Wouldnt mind so much if I didnt know when I was going to see him on the stage.He had a lot of speech problems and has come so far that it is great for him to get a part like this.I will be so proud but with raging pregnancy hormones the chances of me shedding a tear are VERY likely.
Would like opinions on this part please?? They have asked for 5 euro at the door to cover costs. So that will be 10 euro for me and df.Do you think they will charge 5 euro for each of our dds too?Have no experience of this so havent a clue
Id imagine its €5 per family but I could be wrong.
My DDs school play was €2 per person at the door - not sure if they charged for kids tho aswell.
Bring lots of tissues - I shed a tear or three when I saw my DD on stage and she didn't even have a speaking part was just singing and doing the actions to the song with her class I couldn't hold it in was just so proud
He will be great - best of luck to him xx
Oooh Good Luck! My little munchkin has their first stage performance also....

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