FHC-practice runs question


DS will be making his First Holy Communion in May.
When I was growing up, we had wafers broken into little pieces given to us during the practice runs when taking the host, I thought DS would have the same experience...
but no, the children will be receiving a holy communion host during practice runs, only difference being is that the ones for the practice runs will be unblessed.
I have to say, part of my FHC excitement was getting the first taste of the holy communion, now I feel part of the whole thing is spoilt (for want of a better word) for DS as he'll know the whole feeling and taste before the day, he's asked alot of questions over the taste, the feel etc. Sure blessed or unblessed is the same thing really to a child iygwim.
So, how will your kids practice getting their holy communion, wafer or unblessed bread?
Unblessed host here.

Same here, honestly don't have a problem with this.
I assume it will be the same here - we practised this way too and it didn't take away from the day, it still tasted a bit different!
Don't remember. But I presume they are being taught that once it is blessed it is changed in to the body of Christ, so that is the difference
We used to practice with Silvermints!!!!

Ah you were just very posh altogether!!
I don't have a problem with unblessed hosts at all, was just curious and I guess surprised.
I reality I'm actually delighted as my next child will be getting her FHC in two years time and she has a food phobia and I was dreading the initial tasting process with her as she could easily vomit up at the altar!!
My DD's class is practising with thin air! They are practising the way to hold their hands and also the hand to mouth movement but no actual host or other foodstuff.
Light brown ice-cream wafers was how the teacher practised with us at school. Then at home, us kids practised with polomints - and I choked on one! My brother said not to worry, as I was choking, cos there was a hole in the polomint so I wasn't actually going to choke to death! Wafers are safer, but I'd prefer them not to be the real thing, wish that was saved for the actual day.
Gosh, we practised with unblessed hosts when I was in school. I made my communion in 1981. I just assumed that DS will practise with unblessed hosts too. I have no problem with it, DS is a fussy eater so I'd be happy for him to taste it before the big day, just so he doesn't gag on it.

not sure what my DD is doing yet as her communion is on the 1st of May. She too is slow to try new things so would like her to try it when there was no fuss to avoid her not liking it!

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