Would you be interested in exercise based after school club?


Hi All, looking for some feedback from you all, if you wouldn't mind.
I am a fitness instructor who's qualified in working with children between the ages of 4 and 12. I absolutely adore workin with kids and am always amazed how much they love to get active, no matter wot age, sex or size.
Anyway, I am about to approach my sons school looking for the use of their hall for 1 hour for an after school exercise based after school club and would be very grateful if you give me your feedback on the following questions.
1) Would you let your child get involved in an after school 1 hour exercise based fun class?
2) Would be interested in 1 day or 2 days a week
3) How much would you be willing to pay per class
Thanks in advance for your replies
I would.
Mine already do an after school one which involves a lot of running about/playing games. They love it.
I would only let mine do it 1 day a week however if you were to come to my school for instance and they wanted to do it I would let them and still allow them to do the current one they do.
We currently pay €5 a week for approx 45 mins (slightly more time for the younger one). We pay it in blocks.

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