What do you do in the Summer if you work outside the home?


This is our 3rd Summer of school holidays and it never gets easier in terms of figuring out what to do with ds and dd while we're working. I had a different childminder for the last 2 years and they never wanted to go to her in the Summer, but I think it'll be a bit easier this year. Still, I know they'd prefer to be at home playing with their own stuff while on holidays, so I know there will be protests. I'll be on a 3-day-week by then, so things aren't too bad, but I do feel sorry for them, as I always got to chill out at home with my mum during my Summer holidays. I'm planning to take August off, partly on parental leave, but I can't afford to take the whole Summer unpaid.
So, what do the rest of you do??
I was saying at the weekend that it was so much easier when they were in full time childcare!
I feel guilty in the holidays that they have to get up at the same time as school days etc
I'm lucky though that its my mum who minds them but still they'd love to be at home
I've applied for 4 weeks off (parental leav) plus will take holidays so hopefully should be off til middle august with them.
Don't ask me what I'll do when ds2 is 8 and my parental leave is finished
send them to a summer camp there are a few that do long days 9-4 multisports
Camp Blackrock is great and they will hold on to them till 5 for a little extra
Summer camps here (although I haven't actually worked a summer in quite a while and wont for another 2 ) dd will do summer camps and ds1 will be in creche as usual.
Would an au pair work for you? Can you get a short term au pair?
Unfortunately my ds isn't really a Summer-camp kind of person.. too shy! I'll be doing 2 full days and 2 half days, so I might be able to get a neighbour's daughter to cover the mornings on the 1/2 days so that they can stay home. It's hard to have someone mind them in the house too much, esp if dh is working from home, as things get a bit too noisy.
I just keep hoping for some decent weather so that they can be out and about!
Taking 2 weeks off early July and another two in August, other weeks will be in the Afterschool facility which runs a summer camp during July and August. DH might take a week unpaid if possible too..
Yes it's a bummer but what can you do..?
To be honest though, I wouldn't want them hanging around at home the whole time either - too many bad influences (some neighbours/older kids) and too much freedom sometimes (he can go off on his own, why can't I) ....... The summer camp takes them off on day trips and does activities so they are well looked after
Could you get a student in to look after them in your own home?? That's how I funded my way through college
(or go back to college like I did and become a primary teacher!!! )
Summer camps, both set of grandparents, parental leave and holidays!
Camp Blackrock is good and like a previous poster said can facilitate longer days
Its hard to work around them alright......and because DH and I have to take holidays to cover we never get holiday time together
I find this difficult too. I keep all my holidays until August and take them all together plus some days at the start of July. The downside is at this stage in the year I am exhausted and would kill for even a few days off. After that its 3 weeks of summer camps and DH takes a week as well and takes them west to his parents. TBH if they were around home for the whole 8-9 weeks they'd get very bored so try not too feel bad about it. In our neighbourhood, nearly everyone is away for a lot of August so a lot of their friends are gone and they are bored, we tend to take our family holiday then for that reason and fill in the other weeks with trips to grandparents and days out.

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