School Insurance and V.H.I. Swift Clinic


One thing many parents may not be aware of is that in many cases the insurance cover which is paid for at the beginning of each school year is 24 hour cover and covers any costs incurred due to accidents and includes treatment in V.H.I. Swift Clinic also.
For example, I am active in a local sports club and if any child from one of the local schools has an accident at our club (all these local schools have this insurance), the child is covered for treatment in the V.H.I. Swift Clinic.
Pity I didnt know that a few weeks ago, my DH brought DS2 to the Hermitage Clinic after an accident in school - we had to pay for everything and I am now trawling through red tape to claim back the costs
It is well worth checking at your DS's school what the insurance covers just in case it ever happens again.
I have done Lucy, its the school insurance thats the problem I am sure we will get there in the end !
I enquired about this (after the event) and the school insurance only covers it if the accident was reported at the time. I think our insurance is not 24 hour cover - it just covers school hours.

my DS recently had to go to the Hermitage to have his head stitched after an accident in school and we paid upfront but claimed it back on the insurance policy I took out in school (€8 I think)
Same policy nbgb, they are just being a bit sticky and questioning a lot - DS had a few visits because the break was a small bone in his wrist that wasnt picked up without a lot of x rays
Are you dealing directly with Allianz?
no, our school used a broker this year

Even though they have a broker I think you should probably just get in contact with Allianz - I dealt with a lovely lady - I'll pm you her name if you like
On the school hours vs 24 hour cover issue, I know that we had a choice between the two. The difference in cost was minimal so we went for the 24 hour cover.

yes we did too I think it as €8 and we've already had a claim back for almost €200 for my accident prone 9 year old - so imo v good value

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