Party etiquette


Do you expect if one of your children is invited to a party that the others are too?
DD is having her 8th birthday at a local play centre. Lots of her friends have younger siblings around the 4 - 6 years. would you expect that they are invited too?
Are you mad? next thing you'll be giving party bags to the siblings too.
My other boys are never invited to their friends parties. Yes if it's a relative of course.
No way would I expect younger siblings to be invited.
I wouldn't expect it. Did she give out written invitations to her friends that had their names on them? If so, then I would be pretty surprised if children not named on the invitation turned up too. A birthday party for an 8 year old isn't an invitation for parents to drop off their other kids too!
However, you never know how some people's minds work.
No way. It'd be chaotic if siblings arrived ad lib.
Absolutely not .. the invite is for the invitee only not their siblings!!!
Definitly not infact DD would be gutted if DS had to come too... she is waaaayyyy to cool to bring her little brother to her friends party
No way!
One of DS's birthdays one of the Mums asked if the little sister could come too, and I had no problem with that. As DS is only 4 now, birthdays so far have included parents also (just seems to be the done thing in his creche), as up until recently they were probably too young to leave on their own. So they are social occasions for us parents too, and the baby brothers/sisters sometimes come too if the other parent isn't around.
One he starts 'big' school we will be dropping him off at parties, and expecting other parents to do the same, without any siblings. That is unless they are friends of ours, and the whole family is invited.
Thanks ladies
DD handed out her invitations today and one of the boys in the class asked if his 5 year old sister could go too as he wouldnt be allowed to go if she wasnt invited. It just got me thinking about the whole etiquette of parties and if I was doing the right thing
No, definitely not to a playcentre party.
I wouldn't turn any child away from one of our parties though. At the house and with plenty of spare parents so any child that turns up is welcome.
I would never expect a younger sibling to be invited, but I would sometimes bring them along and pay for them into the playcentre so that they could play while I stayed around for the older child (especially if there's a trip involved that makes it not worthwhile to go home and come back). They wouldn't go up for the food/cake bit or anything and it wouldn't cost the hosts any extra.
Just thinking some of the kids in my DDs classes would be 1 of 4, 5 or 6 children vey close in age.
It could mean more than trebling the number you invite and messing up the ages.
That sounds to me like a little boy who is just mad about his little sister. I wouldn't read too much into it.
I hope so Deise, but at a party 2 years ago, this mother and a couple of others turned up with the younger ones in tow and asked could they stay, I didnt mind as the party was in the house but I sort of felt like a babysitter. Really hope the same doesnt happen this year, it will cost a lot more
Now that is totally different, they have history!!!!! I'd make sure you tell Dd that you've paid in advance for X number of kids and they've no room for others.
Can't believe they asked if others could stay. Do you know them well? I'd get over a friend of mine asking if I knew the 'extra' child iykwim but otherwise! Jeez, it takes all sorts.
That sounds like a couple of mothers just trying it on to have a child-free afternoon for themselves. If they wanted to be free to have a leisurely lunch with their DH every time a party invitation was issued, they should have just had the one child
With regard to the kid who asked, that might be a misunderstanding- or an excuse the family had used if they couldn't go to a party/event in the past. But for the parents who have asked if their other kids can stay, all I can say is Jaysus! Are you hanging out with the same people as ClaireC? Where do these people get their brass necks?
no i dont.
and whats more,
i dont expect that if one twin is invited to a party that the other should be too.
Oh God no!!!
Ds2 was invited to a party last week. We are great friends witht the family, ds2 and the boy are in class together, but the boy would be closer in age to dd and they play together more than ds2 and the boy (if that makes sense!)
(the boys parents are ds1 and ds2 godparents)
Anyway, the invite comes home with ds2;s name on it, for a play centre. SO i said grand, I'll bring ds3 (baby!!) with me and stay as i'd only be home again when i'd have to turn around and go back for him.
The morn of the party, dp said that the boy's mother said DD could go aswell. But I said no, ds2;s name was on the invite only and it was a class thing really. So i left dd at home, but brought the baby. I helped out at the party giving juices etc to the kids so i wasn't just sitting there all day. But i stayed cos i knew the parents well. If it was another boys's parents I wouldn't have stayed ! I'd prob have raced into town for a quick cuppa!
The thing about playcentre parties is that they are bloody expensie as it is, then to have sibliongs ask to stay and add more expense? No way.
Usually if DD gets an invitation to a play-centre party I literally have to bring DS along too (DH works away a lot), but I pay for him AND I stay. Plus I ask if it's ok before saying yes to the invitation. That's party etiquette for you!
If anyone even tried to leave a younger sibling at DD's or DS's playcentre party I would tell them of course they can join in, but the parent must pay and stay and look after them cos I certainly won't.
Eh, no!
I have invited a sibling before so that ds2 has a buddy to play with. Totally different thing!
As others have said, if a parent wants to bring a sibling and pay and stay that's fine (because it is nothing to do with the party).

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