Sensitive childeren


Could anybody please recommend a book about how to handle a senseative child ,My ds1 is a exteremley sensitive child,and would love a book on the subjest on how to handle this,prefeably somethig that I dont have to buy online.Thanks
Hi there,
I don't have a book suggestion but just a thought!
I've seen sensitive boys come out of themselves so much when they join a sports team outside of school. I always recommend this to the parents of senitive boys. It really gets them involved with the other children and they learn to have normal banter and to socialise with more confidence.

Thanks for the reply Zas,ds isnt in too sports at all.,he is in the Cubs though,goes everyweek.He loves it too,he was recently away for two nights with them too.
My DS has always been a sensitive soul! He's now 6.5 years old and still pretty much the same, even though he has grown more confidient inside and outside the school.
Last years JI teacher picked up on it and tried to encourage him to play with other boys, put his hand up for more things etc, and he has slowly come out of his shell, still a softy though.
This years SI teacher mentioned it to us at his parent/teacher meeting and made the point in saying; the class needs the quiet sensitive ones as well as the loud confidient ones, they can't all be Billie Barry kids!!'
Give your DS some more time, as he goes a step higher in school in September, he'll be encouraged to speak up more for himself and be more confidient.
Most sensitive kids don't like sports as much as other children (that's what I've found anyway.) However, sports play a huge part in their being accepted among the boys in the class as they get older so if there is any sport that he might even think about trying and especially if there are lads from his class going, I would really really encourage him. That way he's forming the really important foundations of socialsing in a laddish way, which I hate to say it, is much more accepted among his peers than anything else. Just from being in the classroom, I can tell you that I have seen huge turn arounds in how children are accepted and included when they join a popular sport with other members from the class. The age your DS is at now is hard because it's when differences start being noticed and it's not so easy to be a sensitive boy in our testosterone dominated world.
Edited to add that I'm definitely not suggesting that your son change himself in any way! I was a sensitive little soul growing up and I know how hard it can be. I just wanted to give you my observations on the relaity of things
Here's a book called 'The Highly Sensitive Child' ... 0767908726
Thanks for the replys,will have chat with ds tommorrow about sports,see if I can encourage him to join a team,though ds is quite poular in school and has no problem playing with other childeren.His teacher has said to me that he doesnt take constructive critisim very well and gets upset,she recommended trying to build his confidence up.
Zas I never thought that,I only took on what you have said as very good sound advice,and appreciate your suggestions.
Just wanted to make sure, Jellybean . If he is popular in school then that's a big weight off your mind. I worry about the shy ones the most because it can be hard to get a little voice heard in this crazy world sometimes!

Ds def not shy with kids,its the teacher hes very shy with,hes very very found of his teacher,but I think he finds it very hard to speak up in class at times,he got his report card today and did really well,teacher just made a few comments about how sensitive he can be in class with her one on one.

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