School lunches for junior infants.


What does your Junior Infant eat? I know they get a small fruit break and then a lunch and I know DS will probably talk more than eat so I don't want to give him loads but I don't want him hungry either. What's in your childs lunchbox?
Oh was going to start a similar thread
Only three weeks to go

I know mistymac, I think I am more excited then DS is!
I got fantastic lunch boxes in Superquinn with 3 little removeable one I'll put grapes/strawberries, in the other I'll put maybe a couple of rice cakes and a cheese string and I'll give them 2 small sandwiches each...or else a tuna/sweetcorn mix, which is DD1's absolute favourite lunch
Very excited here too (me, not them )
I will be sending DS with pittas and fruit with a drink.
dd is going into senior infants
She is a fussy thing
sometimes she likes sandwiches sometimes she doesn't
sometimes she likes cheese sometimes she doesnt
so basically it was a mixture something like these examples
big lunch was either
a 2 slice sandwich, small roll sandwich or 2 slices homemade style brown bread buttered or 4 cream crackers buttered
Then usually 2 of:
smoothie tube
fruit(strawberries,grapes, apple,bananna)
bread sticks
hotcross bun
fruit bread buttered
cereal bar
packet mini cheese crackers
packet mini tuc crackers
cheese strips
Little lunch
large crunch corner yoghurt
cheese dipper & grapes or strawberries or apple slices
fruit bag(got them in dunnes,pre packed apples/grapes)+frube or smoothie tube
I'd mix and match things together, somethings obviously would be too much to mix together. Maybe with a sandwich I wouldnt give her 2 small things just one, depends, she went through a phase of only wanting cream crackers with butter and no sandwich so i made up for that with 2 small snacks added for big lunch iykwim.
But I'm sure you get the jist
Just a couple of tips ladies
A lot of schools don't allow frubes,yogurts or yogurt type drinks.
Also anything with fish or nuts will have to be checked out with school first because of allergies that other kids may have.
Cereal bars are not allowed in our school either because they are not considered healthy.
I checked with the Principal and there are no known allergies so nuts and fish are allowed. DS1 likes a good lunch but he takes ages and talks a lot so I suppose it will take a few weeks for him to realise he needs to eat instead of talk. Some good ideas there, like the little compartment lunchbox.
usually dd will take an apple /banana/small orange for small break
then for lunch she will take a ham and onion sambo /jam sambo
she will take grated cheedar and sweetcorn in a tub / cheese sticks and grapes/
and a yoghurt and a bottle of water
also takes rice cakes with spreadable cheese
crackers with butter
when she gets bored with sandwiches i will cut the crusts off and make the sandwich [1 slice of bread] and roll it and wrap in tin foil so it looks like a swiss roll....its just the novelty factor they forget about it being a sambo and she eats it
Some of the lunches I have seen would nearly feed the entire classroom ! !
After a year of half eaten lunches I have it down to a fine art.
2 slices brown bread + filling
Piece fruit
One other small thing - oat biscuit, raisins, apricot, cucumber/carrot sticks. If we have had a birthday at home I will include small piece of the cake.
Small carton of milk (every day - paid for at the start of year).
In summer I send a water bottle/rarely juice. In winter small flask of soup but not every day.
I found if I gave too many little containers of things- little tubs of cucumber, or cherry tomatoes or whatever- dd ate those and not her sandwich. Now I just give her a sandwich and a little treat and that is all.
I started giving DD1 a variety of lunches this year in montessori to prepare her. She gets a mix of the following at the moment so I will continue (leaving out anything the school considers unhealthy). I don't think there are any allergies. The principal covered lunches as a topic at the induction talk so that would have been the time to mention an allergy.
Ham, chicken, jam or tuna sandwich
Tuna wrap
Breadsticks with Laughing Cow Cheese or plain Philadelphia
Cream crackers with cheese, jam or butter
Sausage roll
Yoghurt covered raisins
Innocent smoothie
Yoghurt drink
Frube (a VERY odd time)
Glenisk yoghurt
Frutapura pouch
Frutapura cup
Rice cake
Digestive or custard cream biscuit (on a Friday because I know the full time kids get one in the creche)
Plain cupcake

I must take a look at the booklet we got for DS about school, as I don't think these things are allowed in our school.
DS has decided he doesn't like bread at the moment, he eats crackers instead. No doubt come September he will like bread again though!
I am on the lookout for a lunchbox, something like Snoozer mentioned would be perfect.
Are you all getting a lunch bag or just putting the lunch-box in the school-bag?

I am just putting a lunchbox in his bag as I think looking after a bag and a coat will be enough for him!
My dd is going into JI this Sept and they only get one break ie 'little break' around half 10 or 11. From my own experience with my older boys, they dont need/eat much at little break, its just a snack to keep them going til they come home at lunch time (ours finish at 1.05pm in JI and SI). I will just pack her a piece of fruit and either a small sambo, or 2 crackers, something like that, and a drink. They are allowed yoghurts but I dont send them in, waay too messy, they always come home with it all down the jumper .
Not here just yet but a colleague swears by cookie cutters for a fussy eater! She makes a few different sandwich shapes and regardless of the filling, it's always eaten. Hearts, stars & circles are popular.
OMG Gerbera, that idea is BEYOND genius! Will try it!
At playschool my two used to have a sandwich and a piece (or little pot) of fruit or raw veg (carrots, peppers, cherry tomatoes). I'm thinking I'll probably add in a third thing such as a couple of rice cakes, a piece of cheese (if not in sandwich), a cereal bar etc. But will see how it goes - at playschool they never seemed to have time to eat three things.
I've been wondering what to do about 'little break'. Do you put their snack somewhere separate in their schoolbag or what's the best thing to do?

I have been over thinking this tbh but no clue and interested to know what others do
dd had a bag with lunchbag attached to it last yr. I used to put her lunchbox with big lunch in the lunch bag and the little lunch in the lunch bag beside lunch box. and drink in side pocket.

That's a good idea, thanks mummyto1. We have bags with lunchbag attached too so I might do the same thing.
Hi, with ds I put either an apple or a small banana in his lunch box for fruit break, along with a sandwich, wrap, roll etc for his main lunch. Big lunch break is at 12.30 and they eat at 12.45, and are collected at 1.30 so are not going to starve in that time. Having done lunch duty for JI's I would recommend something small, eg sandwich or crackers. They spend their time chatting and going to the toilet and the amount of wasted lunches was unbelievable.
also, i used to put the little lunch in a sandwich bag which would be used as a bin for bananna skins, frube wrapper etc. saves dirty mess, in school bag or all over other food as in dd's school they have to bring their rubbish home.
DD's school dont allow frubes or yoghurts at all
So dd usually bring 2 jam sandwiches or McCambridge brown bread with butter or small roll with grated cheeese on it
She then brings chopped cucumber and chopped strawberries
Or chopped peppers and some tuna and sweetcorn in a little tub
On Friday they are allowed a small treat usually a choc chip biscuit
Small bottle of water or orange juice

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