Mixed class in Junior infants anyone?


I have just found out that DD2 will be in a class with 14 junior infants and 12 senior infants when she starts school in September.
I know there are often mixed classes but I did not expect it for Junior infants as it seems to be that both classes will be at a disadvantage.
She has to get some senior infant books and some junior infants ones.
Anyone have any experiences positive or negative and care to share?
I will be interested in the replies to this Amber as my DS will be the same this Sept - 10 JI in with 15 SI.
In a way I am happy as he loves writing etc and will be 5 in October so he will be stretched and challenged but on the other hand, he is still only my little baby and SI boys will be miles ahead of him
I'm new to this too, DD will be starting JI and will have 6 SI in her class, the other 6 SI are gone in with 1st class. I think this is a typical small country school thing... I'm new to it but anyone I've spoken to about it hasn't had a problem with it. I'd to get a couple of SI books too, I can only see it as an advantage to my DD..... I am of the glass is half full club!!
Will be watching this thread, hopefully good feedback.
Six other SI are gone in first class with DD1, I have no worries re DD1 but DD2 I would love to have seen in a smaller class.
When DD1 started there were only 16 in her class.
I wonder will they have a classroom assistant for that many kids.

But my DS isn't going to a country school! There are 26 in the other JI class and he is one of the 10 olders JI's to go in with the SI's. The Principal said that they would only ever be in a mixed class at the most every second year.
I posted about this before and there were some interesting comments made about it, mostly on the advantages of it. My DS1 is starting school this year and will be one of 11 JI's and 9 SI's. Because he's done the whole letterland thing in creche for the past year and is well up to speed on the basics I can just imagine him trying to be part of the SI's curriculum as that would interest him more, my fear is that next year he might be bored hearing it all again, time will tell I suppose.
My twins are going in to this situation this year and before the end of term there was up roar over it. My DD'S have to get senior books but the 6 six others going in to seniors with 1st class have to get both senoirs and 1st class books.
The decision was made purely on ages, and my DD's are March 03 childern so there was no choice in which class then went in, it was mixed JI & SI. This was told to us in no uncertain terms.
There will be a SNA but she is for one boy in my girls class. I am unsure of anyone coming in that will need a SNA. I know that this boys SNA helped the teacher last year and I am sure she will do the same this year.
I am not happy with the situation as I travel quite a distance to send my girls to this school, and my reason was low class no.s. I was very happy with there teacher last year and I and delighted they have her again this year.
I'm sure your DD will get on fine.
My DS has just finished SI after two years in a mixed class. Small school so he'll probably be mixed the whole way. We didn't have any problem with crossing over of the curriculum either year. I think the teachers are well able to cope with the different classes. He also did Letterland for two years in playschool but they used jolly phonics in JI so there was no repetition.
My son has just finished senior infants and has been in a mixed class jnrs and snrs since he started. Small country school only 4 teachers. I was very concerned at the start but to be honest it hasn't been a problem one bit, if anything the older lads helped settle the younger ones in and they had so many friends for playtime in the yard. As for the curriculum, not sure the exact teaching method but it didn't bother the teacher one bit and all of the class, got all of the curriculum done and they were all very happy kids going into school. If you're worried, talk to teacher i'm sure she'll put your mind at rest.
my DD's school is mixed classes she is just finished JI and had no problems her school is 3 teacers so will be mixed all the way JI/SI 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th/5th/6th
My school as 8 teacher so I don't know why they are being mixed, I missed the last few days of school so will have to find out the offical line from the school when the new term starts.
I assume the principal is off for the whole summer as well?
Amber it may be to do with pupil numbers being just under the ratio for another teacher so they have to mix them. I know the local school where my parents live had to get rid of a teacher this year as they were 2 short of the number of pupils required by the dept for the number of teachers they had. I will be interested to hear how your dd's are getting on in a mixed class as they have done that this year for the first time in dd's school due to space. She is in a senior infants only class but the other senior infants are in with first class so she may be put into a mixed class the following year and I am not sure how I feel about that.

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