question for teachers out there...


Just a question for ye teachers out teachers normally meet with the new teacher and talk about the class (that is say the first class teacher meet with the second class teacher when the kids move on to second class).
Or is it up to you to get to know the children and read any reports that you have?
Depends on the school but it's pretty common practice in most places.
Thanks Zas.
Different teachers will approach it different ways but yes, it would be pretty much common practice to have a handover chat at some stage.
Some teachers will get the full run down on the whole class before they set foot in the room.
Others will ask for information on a need to know- whenever they have a concern about a child, they ask the previous teacher.
Some teachers will give the next teacher the bare essentials i.e. any history that is essential to know (trauma, background etc.) about individual children.
Other teachers prefer to get to know the class before they hear someone else's account of the children so amy ask the questions after a week or so.
If, as a parent, you feel there is something that the teacher should know, especially relevant medical conditions or family issues, you should approach the teacher yourself to ensure the important details are conveyed as early as possible and to make sure the information is given accurately.
It all depends, I think it is better that a new teacher has relevant information that is essential but that they should treat the children as a new bunch, with a clean slate and not have a tainted opinion from another staff member either.
If there is something bothering you make an appointment to meet the new teacher to discuss it.
thanks for the replies, I was just wondering.
Hi, one of my friends is a teacher and in her school they pass on general information as regards to not putting child a and child b together as they dont get on or mess etc. However in most schools teachers do lunch duty so would spot things for themselves.

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