Finding time for rugby and homework


DS1 starting in first year in sept. Wants to play rugby but apparently with matches and training will not get home until 6ish each day (by bus). Any tips on how to fit in the homework as well as he will be exhausted. Will prob need to get the 7.30 bus in the morning so will be a long day.
I'm afraid I have no advice as my kids are not at that stage yet. It is a long day but those are the hours my brothers did from that age in secondary. My hours weren't much different but then my extra curriculars weren't as physical yet I still often fell asleep on the bus home. Discipline is really important once you hit secondary. It's home, dinner, homework then bed. My mother banned TV on week nights from about 4th class primary and I think that helped a lot. I would personally let him do the rugby and then let him decide if it's too much for him.
I would let him do it too...he'll manage the homework in the evening time. If he has issues you can cut back the rugby.
I know my niece trains every day (not rugby) and she fits in her homework in the evening and has done fine academically. It keeps her off the streets, she has no time for hanging around getting into mischief.
My younger cousin did this this year as he is in a rugger school as well. To be honest they only have a 1-1.5 hrs homework in First Year. He manages fine although is not the most academic child. He has a long day as he hates being late for so since Christmas he has insisted on taking the 7.40am bus to school even though his parent drive his sister to the primary next door for 8.50am. She is often 5 mins late i believe:blush:
He really enjoyed it this year and while there will be slightly more homework in second he wants to do it again.
He'll have to think about it for the Junior.
I must say that it has done wonders for his confidence and loves playing in matches.
He has gone from a quiet, sober child to a young man with lots of friends in a year.

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