What Nintendo ds games does your 6y old like?


ds1 and ds2 got a nintendo ds from Santa (to share- which is actually going well!!)
They got Mario with it, which they love.
Just wondering what else he would like.
He has done a little of the brain training that is on the ds, so I think he would like some sort of puzzle game. He also loves drawing.
ideas welcome, I havent a clue!!
My 7 year old loves
Mario Kart
Mine loves Lego Battles and a Cars racing game (we don't have Mario on Wii Fit).
DS is 5 but he loves all of the mario games (except the olympic games - finds it a bit too hard!)
lego batman
lego indiana jones
lego star wars
lego battles (yes, also a lego addict!!!!)
Ben10 games - there's 3 I think - all along the same vein just based on the different series.
had Wall-E - but it's crap, sold it to gamestop.
has Astroboy - but it's a bit tough too.
Big Brain Academy is another puzle one suitable for kids. Its much more colourful than Brain Training and has loads of different types of games.

I've been singing the praises of the Lego games on the Wii here but forgot that they're available on the DS, so I'd second Spindle's recommendations. The Lego games are absolutely fantastic on whatever format.
Lego batman
Lego star wars
These are the big hits with ds1
Another one that mine love is Mario party. Would agree that the Lego games are great! Must check out Big Brain Academy.
Thanks ladies.. some great suggestions there!!
Do you buy from the toyshops/game shops or online?
Ordinary game shops - HMV, Game, Smyths, whenever any of them were cheap. He got Lego Battles and Cars from his godmother for two different birthdays or Christmasses.
DS loves Scribblenauts

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