Wearing eye patches


My DS 61/2 starting to wear an eye patch last week. He is extremly short sighted in both eyes and has been wearing glasses nearly 6 years now. They have now decided to patch the one eye to try to improve the vision in the weaker eye (lazy eye), even though both are nearly as shortsighted as each other. My question is should he keep the eye that is patched closed or is it ok to leave this open? my guess would be to keep closed but he is finding this hard to do, it is for 4 hours every day for the next 3 months? Any advice would be great
Hi Orange32,
My little boy is nearly six and has been wearing a patch for nearly a year now, the longest spell was five hours but we're down to two now, and hopefully we'll be out of it after his next visit. He's very far sighted with a lazy eye (the lazy eye wasn't working at all) but both eyes are now nearly at the same strength.
I never really considered telling him to keep the eye open or closed, just left him go with what felt comfortable. Hope this helps?
No the patched eye doesn't need to be closed, if it did there'd be no reason for a patch sure!
I wouldn't be able to keep one of my own eyes closed that long, nevermind trying to get a child to do it
once the patch is on correctly & covering the entire eye - then the eye can be open

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