Mixed or boys-only?


No doubt this has been asked before... but I'm torn between sending my son to the local gaelscoil (mixed) or boys school.
He's been in daycare since he was a baby so used to being around both sexes.
He's a real 'boy' and I can't figure out whether it would be better to nurture that in a boys school (strong emphasis there on sports)... or would he be better off with the more calming (??) influence of girls in the class? (He's all 'go'... full of energy).
The other factor is that his sister attends the girls school right next door to the boys school, so convenience-wise, the boys' one makes more sense...
I have heard that boys do better academically in a mixed school...
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Society is mixed - I'd say mixed if you have the option; if the gaelscoil suits though.
DS went to an all boy primary, he is now in a mixed secondary and it doesn't seem to bother him either way LOL
I would go with the best option for you - presuming both schools have good reputations.
Hi - yeah thanks for that... I'm less concerned about primary school than I would be about secondary.
Both schools seem fine really. Guess I should go for the more convenient option right now (the boys one).
DS is in an all boys and loves it. The school is sporty and he loves the rough and tumble with his mates.
From speaking to a few friends of mine that are primary school teachers - They have said that for secondary school :
Girls tends to do better in an all girls school
Boys tend to do better in a mixed school.
But that is if all things been equal. In general you will need to weight up a multitude of things :-:
Remedial support
Academic achievements
Distance from home
School principle
but for primary school, mixed is preferable.
I prefer a mixed school for primary (but that is just my opinion) again though as for secondary school you will need to weight up the pros/and cons of each of the schools and go with you vibe on it. If your vibe is good than what ever you decide will be the right decision.
The list is endless -
DS is going to a mixed school

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