The Joy of kids getting older...


Today DS hoovered the stairs, living room and hall for me while DD was sorting and washing the recycling and tidying the kitchen. And they were happy to do it! Mind you, I wasn't sitting on my arse while all that was being done - I was doing the laundry.
And DH? Well, he's on a golfing day out of course!
Congratulations and well done on getting your children involved with the chores!
I think its great to see kids doing their bit at home and not just assuming "someone" else will do it all!
My eldest is four but already I expect him to hang up his own jacket, empty lunch bag and a few other little jobs. I look forward to the day when I can train him in on the Dyson
isn't it great,having lived with an all but useless husband when it comes to housework it's fantastic to have older kids who help out (and they do a far better job)I find they are so willing to help if everyone is given a job.It's when you ask one and not the other that the problems start.
Well done Southern Mum, I hope my 2 eldest are that enthusiastic when they get a little bit older!
Although they have surprised me on 2 occasions - my 6 year old daughter actally made packed lunch one Monday morning for them both (was highly impressed by that as she buttered the bread properly and even wrapped in in of clingfilm!) I work every weekend and finish late on a Sunday night so she had got up early on the Monday and made the lunches - was sooooo impressed by that, she won alot of brownie points for that one!
And my DS who's 4 loves hoovering the stairs and is very happy being left to hoover away - he does a pretty good job as well!!!

Wow - impressive! Actually, that's a job my DD could do... but it's hard enough to get them motivated in the mornings!!

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