Educate Together and Making Communion


Just wondering what happens if your child is in an ET school and you want them to make their Communion? DD hasn't been acceped anywhere yet but I was just wondering.
Hi Gillean!
O & Cel have their names down for our local ET school (they only just squeaked in & I applied the minute they were born - so you may have to be quick if you want to enroll there!!) & I made sure there would be no emphasis placed on religious activities like communions - ie they wouldn't be left sitting on their own while 15 of their fellow pupils went to the local RC church to take communion - which was the whole point of them attending an ET over an RC school afterall, lol! The ET school said that anything like that would have to be arranged by the parents & preferrably outwith school hours - but that is our local school & perhaps yours would do things differently? Maybe give them a ring & ask...hth
In our local ET school, the parents have a committee which organises religion classes. These are held out of school hours and have to be paid for.
Once they have received the amount of religious teaching hours that is required they can make their communion. They can start the classes when they are in JI but some people leave it until they are in SI to start.
Hi Gillean
i used to teach in an ET school and basically any parents who wanted their children to have formal religious instruction (like that necessary for Communion) had to organise it themselves. The school provided the premises. This meant that in this particular school, the building was opened on Sunday mornings and made available to any groups that wanted it, but it had nothing to do with the school IYKWIM. All of this type of instruction took place out of school hours. If you' d like to know anything else just ask!
Thanks girls. I was just wondering. I would like her to go to ET but I'd still like her to make her communion. We did the Sunday school thing in the States, where I grew up so Iassumed it was a similar thing. I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens and what other parents will do in the school.

Hi Pip & Pop,
I'm in the same boat. DD1 has just started in and ET school and I reckon I'd like her to make her communion.
When I asked the teacher, she said it's usually 50/50, so DD won't feel left out whichever decision we make. But bear in mind - you won't be the only parent waiting to see what all the other parents do! - cos that was me too for a bit!

My kids went to an ET school. With the Boy & Diddles it didn't come into it as they only started after their communion year ..which we opted out of in a catholic school.
LittleDiddles is in 2nd class this year and its the communion year. There are a good few out of the class who will be making it. They attend religon classes after school, and there is a rule where they have to be attending the class for at least two years before receiving any sacrements - but I am not sure if that is only a rule with our religous class if you follow.
LittleDiddles will be having a "Day of Celebration" cermony with a big build up to it at the end of the year. Its a big celebration to mark their first seven year cycle.
I am not sure exactly what it all entails yet. Ask me again later in the year !!
our Parish church run a communion club every Sunday at mass
for children aged 4 to communion age, it works really well
They go to the parish centre for about 30mins
It does mean commiting to go to Mass every Sunday at the same time
It suits us anyway, we would be there
When I was teaching in an ET school, there was a class of 28 children staying back every Tuesday for communion class
I personally don't think 40 mins a week is enough for the communion preperation
but it probably does depend on which ET school etc...

Best of luck
That sounds like a great idea, wish our parish had something like that
I think the rules about the number of hours might be stricter now or maybe it's just in our parish. When DD started her religion classes we were given a leaflet from the parish priest outlining how many hours religious instruction a child needs before making communion. My DD does an hour a week and this is since JI, some people leave it until SI to start but this means the hours have to be put in over 3 years rather than 4 IYKWIM, so it means they can't miss a lot of classes.
In our school, the parents and the parish priest have organised to have classes after school one day a week for those wanting to receive sacraments, there is a small charge to cover hiring a teacher. Last year they were offered from 1st class up, but I think this year they are offered for all classes (not sure about this, I'm not RC). I know the parish priest is adamant that only kids that attend classes ( and afaik mass) will be allowed make their communion/confirmation.
It seems to work very well and I attended the communion last year and it was a wonderful ceremony and talking with the PP afterwards he was full of praise for how involved all the parents and pupils were in the whole preparation and ceremony and basically said that he wished that a similar level of involvement was evident in the local parish school!
From talking to parents most are very happy -some, especially those that are working out of the home find it very difficult to organise to have their children at these classes and that seems to be an issue, also you get the odd parent who thinks its far too much hassle and would prefer if it was all done in school by the teacher (makes you wonder why they enrolled in an ET school in the first place).
We also have Koranic studies in the school for the muslim children so it's kind of nice that it's seen as "normal" that different kids go to different religious instruction classes after school. My kids go to Sunday school - but often ask why they can't have a class after school instead.
It's gas how "normal" it becomes for kids - my eldest DS (2nd class) informed me that he is going to his muslim pals house for his breaking fast feast this Friday (Ramadan at the moment) and has asked if he can fast for the day too, just like his buddy (who fasts on Fridays only - too young for whole fast)

Liz is that something that's being organised by the school, the parents, or just something you're doing for her as a family? And if it's the school do you know if alll ET schools do it? I'd love my DD to have some marker of her reaching the "age of reason" (can you actually reason with them once they're over 7? )
About half of DD1's class are attending preparation for their first communion which has been organiseed by the parents as an extracurricular activity. It's a 2 year programe which is why they're starting in 1st class.
Mine go to the local Et and M made his communion last year.There is usually a meeting at the begining of the school year in second class and in fifth and six when there is confirmation.It is organised by parents and we get a teacher who teaches religion in a secondary school who takes the classes afterschool.This is our case anyway.They do one hr a week after school and then they attend the services conected with the sacrement coming up to the communion.I found it nice last year but we made it with another local Rc school and it was obvious that they were practicing everyday and it did stand out.As a result with C making it next year I suggested to a group of parents who are having their kids make it that we do some preparation this year as I think they do need to know some of the "basics".Some of the children couldn't bless themselves before the started the class last yr.Hth.S
I'm surprised that some schools only start the classes at 1st. Our parish priest is very strict that they have to have a certain amount of hours done so it can only be done over 4 years and that's with an hour a week.
Must be different priests have different rules but it seems strange to me becuase as I said earlier we were given a booklet at the start of JI and it was from the Catholic Church, not just the priest, outlining the rules.
That's interesting.Must look into it more!Might start doing stuff with DS2 who is in JI as well.
My ds made his First Holy Communion (attends at ET School). The classes were organised by the parents (quite difficult to resource a teacher) and they started in 2nd class. The priest from the affiliated parish was quite happy with this - there was no stipulation about hours per week. The parents also organised the Day of Celebration which was also great, but very hard work.
Beanie... its organised by the school - as far as I know. I will ask around today and get back on to you.
To be honest if some of the kids cant even bless themselves - why are they making their communion. Is religon not meant to be an everyday part of your lives if your christian?

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