Notes for the teacher


Rachel suffers badly from ear infections and bad hearing. Her last infection was 14/10/06, she was out from school for 3 days and when she went back I wrote a note for the teacher explaining why. I also marked it on the emergency form.
Anyway, she was fine yesterday morning and went off to school, during the day she developed a headache and earache, she told the teacher who (she said), just said 'ceart go leor', she said she told her several times and this is all she said. Rachel came out of school holding her head in agony, I sent her to the doc she had a 39C temp and a bad ear infection.
So, now I'm really mad, whats the point in filling in emergency forms and instruction Rachel to tell the teacher when she is sick if she is just ignored?
I have to write another note I was thinking of saying: (sorry no fadas)

Bhi Rachel tinn De Luan agus De Mairt.
Rachel suffers badly from ear infections, on Monday she had a 39C temperature and had to be brought to the doctor in the evening. If she does complain of headaches or earaches in future, can you please call one of the emergency numbers so we can pick her up. She will not complain unless she is really sick.
Or should I come down heavier? I could get in to see her but it wouldnt be until Friday (bad mother that I am )
i think your letter is straight to the point and is also letting the teacher know that she will only complain if she is really sick so they should take heed of her in future. Hope she feels well soon
I think your note is fine, but would you have a chance to mention it in person to the teacher? Sometimes if you talk to someone face to face the point will register more than in writing. Also, it can eliminate the possibility of any misunderstanding.
I hope she's on the mend.
I think I would also mention, as nicely as possible, that this had alreay been brought up and was ignored.

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