I've been a bit concerned about DS1's weight lately - he's 6years and 4months, he weighs 5st 2lbs and is 4ft 1in. This all adds up to a BMI of 21.1 according to the calculators I've done on various websites and puts him over the 95th percentile i.e. overweight. Ideal weight being 4st 2lbs
I'm looking for opinions on BMI as a measurement of a child's weight - is it a good guideline?
He's quite tall for his age and apart from the chubby bits, quite solid too IYKWIM
He's always been a terrible eater but I'm horrified and so disappointed with myself for letting it get to this stage. I'm overweight myself and always vowed that my kids would not be the same. I know what I need to do to help him out (without letting him know there's a problem).
Would you be worried?
i wouldn't be worried since you now know that you have to make changes, i'd say start making healthy choices and lead by example
i wouldn't do any drastic cutbacks on food etc...cut down possibly and just eat healthier
xx S.
When you say he is a terrible eater do you mean he eats very little or he eats too much unhealthy foods. Also, what would his exercise routine be like. It might be worth going to your GP alone and having a chat about the best way to approach it so that he doesn't become aware that you feel there is a problem.
I have just been looking at my kids medical book that I have here.Your ds is also tall for his age isnt he?I dont think that he is massively over weight.
If I were you I would just make sure that he is eating healthily,restrict treats a bit and try to get him doing a bit of excercise.
Make sure that everyone in the house is eating the same way so that he wont feel that he is any different.HTH
Another possible explanation is he could be in line for a growth spurt. My nephews always put on a few pounds and then stretch up iykwim.
If you recognise there is a problem please do something about it now.
Rather than focus on food try to get him active, go out walking, get him into a sport.
my brother was a chubby kid, turned out to be a 6ft 1 perfectly built young man but he says life as a chubby kid was hell.
He is still very young but kids are very cruel and I would do my damnest to make sure he does not develop into a chubby kid.
Get rid of any junk from the house and start healthy eating and activities.
Good for you that you are not putting your head in the sand, he is lucky you are being honest and want to help him out.
Thanks for all the replies. I was very upset that night when I finally took my head out of the sand and looked it up.
MaryE - he eats too much unhealty food, he dislikes a lot of foods. this stems (I think) from the huge tonsils he had (taken out over a year ago). They blocked his throat and so there were a lot of things he wouldn't eat. It's led to bad eating habits and a fear of trying new things. It doesn't help that I'm a fussy eater too as I had the same problem as a child.
Mini - yes, he's very tall for his age and always well built. I know he's not massively overweight yet so I hope I can sort it out before it becomes a problem.
Amber - I NEVER wanted my children to be chubby that's why I'm so upset about this.
I think the answer is an overhaul of the whole family's eating habits. DH and DS2 will eat anything but that includes the bad stuff. if we all do it then the focus won't be on him and we'll all benefit.
Thanks again,
Hi Zeb
Two of my cousins were in my eyes obese as early teenagers - then all of a sudden at about 15 both of them shed loads of weight and are tall and skinny (enviously so).
I wouldn't worry too much as he is quite young and as posted earlier could be about to take a growth spurt. But yes you are right to take action to prevent it becoming a problem.
I would go for a healthier diet (smoothies and juices may mask the fruit and veg a bit) and more exercise.
Good luck
I agree that you should approach this as a whole-family situation. As you said healthy eating all round will benefit everyone. Make small changes gradually and build up to bigger ones. What would breakfast be like for instance?
BMI is the worst way to calculate health. My BMi was in hte Overweight leval when I was swimming in competition and working out several days a week. Now I'm older and lazier I'm weighing less and in the lower end of the healthy category but am about half as fit and 2 dress sizes bigger!
Just make sure his diet is balanced and healthy and if things for his age are fitting there's really not much to worry about. I have a 4 foot tall 7 year old who weighs a grand total of 3 stone 2 lbs, but is one of the healthiest kids I know. Weight is not a defining factor....

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