Communion outfit for boys


Just wondering what the opinions are for suitable Communion clothes for boys, my son has picked out an outfit which is very nice but not at all dressy, Im torn as what to do, I could get it for him he will wear it as he likes it or I could go down the traditional road of a suit which he will wear but wont like it and will very prob never dee the light of day again
I dont really care what other the other kids are wearing but I dont want him to walk into the church and feel out of place
When my ds made his there was one boy in a navy blazer and chino trousers, one boy in shorts and tee-shirt, no suits. There were variations on the shirt and trousers theme basically. My ds had linen trousers, long sleeved white shirt and sleeveless jumper. His dad took him into town and bought him a lovely linen jacket in Arnotts. He looked really well, smart but casual. He got lots of wear out of the whole outfit and liked wearing it.
I plan to put my DS in an outfit very like what MaryE has described. Chinos, shirt & sleeveless jumper. I think smart-casual seems to be the way to go with boys now.
What you are both describling is very like what he has picked, beige chinos a nice short sleeve shirt and a very casual jacket, the shoes are in between runners and shoes, it does look lovely on him he looks like a little boy not a little boy in a mans suit, I think I will go for it I just didnt want him to stick out by being too casual
Sounds perfect threeboys.
Hi ladies. DS1 is making his in May and i was going to get him a nice pants and shirt for the occasion cos he loves tracksuits and I didn't want him to feel over dressed. I brought him into town 2 weeks ago to show him a few options and to see what was around. He picked out a black suit, complete with waiscoat in gold and cravat!! u know the pageboy type suits. He wants it, but I know a suit will not get another wear. I might just get the pants and shirt with the waistcoat. But i doin't know if he'll be the only one so dressed up IYKWIM.
My ds made his communion last year and he had navy Chino type trousers,a navy zip up jacket and a cream short sleeve shirt.I also got him a tie but it had cartoon figures on it so wasnt too grown up IYKWIM.He loved it and is usually a track suit boy.
My ds made his Communion last year and the outfits ranged from a tuxedo complete with dicky bow( child wouldnt make communion unless he looked like James Bond) to a white denim jacket and shorts. There were suits and chinos etc in between.

I have it all ahead of me but I had to laugh at that comment...I can just picture that boy....classic! LOL!!!
Mini - can I ask you where you got the tie with the cartoons on it, sounds great
I got it in a boutique in Cork.
Its actually cartoon type puppies on it.Think Snoopy!
Thanks Mini, Cork is a bit far for me but I will have a look in some of the kids boutiques in Dublin they are bound to have something similar, its a great idea
Here the boys make there communion in the school uniform - not sure what to get DS for after we won't be visiting or anything (most family in Dublin) so I'm thinking something casual as we'll most likely do something as a family after ??
Well my Ds made his communion last year and wore blue camoflague combats, white tshirt with a light blue wooly tank top over it and a demin jacket. It was what he wanted, so I was happy and was was he. I knew he would wear it again and it was cheap enough all from Dunnes Stores .
I think its really down to what you or your Ds likes. There is no set outfit of what they should wear. I think anything goes these days. There was a real mix at my Ds's communion.
Just to add in my Ds school they all wear a long white gown over their clothes in the church, so nobody really seen his clothes till afterwards.
The comment about the child not making his communion unless he looked like James Bond reminded me of something similar.
2 friends of mine were in the same class in school and one made his communion in all white (was a big Miami Vice fan) and the other was dressed in a cowboy outfit.
My little sis made her communion last year and the boys ranged from suits (one little boy) to nice cords and short sleeve shirts - I think most parents go for something that they can wear again nowadays - the day is expensive enough as it is without forking out for a suit for little boys - mothers of girls aren't so lucky - my sisters dress, shoes bag etc came to €400 (the cost is ridiculous - my mam had bought my 17 year old sisters communion dress in New York for $60 when she was making hers, made my dress and my other sisters dress). My youngest sisters dress cost over twice what my Wedding dress cost me (also bought in New York in December) and when I was there saw Communion style dresses for around $70 - sickening what we pay here isn't it.

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