Lunch ideas for 6 year old??? extremely fussy


Just looking for some school lunch ideas for very fussy 6 year old
She likes
hazelnut chocolate spread (in vast quantities)
Empty wraps!!!!!!
Cooked quorn pieces in sauce
Her little sisters liga's
Cant get her to eat cheese, very seldom eats ham.
She will be in school till 2.40 every day so I need to think of something or variations on above. I dont know what she lives on. Her 10 mths old sister eats far more than her.
hi there.. my 7yr is very finiky about what he eats too.. he does not get much variety at all.. because he simply just won't eat it.. so he gets slices of bread with cheese slices as he likes these or a bap (with cheese slice!) or crackers with butter (usually 6 or 8 of them) then he gets a frube(strawberry of course!) and a rice krispie bar.. he has no fruit.. this is what he gets every day otherwise he'll go hungry.. this week i've stuck one or 2 slivers of iceberg lettuce in his sambo.. NOT HAPPY! he never gives out about what he gets as long as its what he like... i do make him eat extra veg (ones he doesn't like) for dinner and he has to have an apple after school(apples are the ONLY fruit he'll eat!) i've given up worrying about variety!
My ds is also extremely fussy.. ham sandwiches (or sausage if we have some dinner leftovers) are about all he'll have. He did eat some Philadelphia sandwiches last year so I'll try them again soon. I've started making my own yeast bread so that at least I know the bread he's eating isn't full of cr*p. He'll also have a Frube or an Actimel and a bottle of water / milk. He usually won't eat an apple at school but will eat one at home so I wait until the afternoon to get some fruit into him.
I've tried scones, crackers, etc but he's not interested!
my 6 year old is the same... at the moment she is getting a roll with butter and ham. a cheese triangle and cheesy crackers, an actimel, an apple and a bottle of water.
Have bought some party sausage rolls (freezer) so they will be in the box next week.
she gets yogurts when she gets home as they are still a bit messy for her at the moment.
she wont eat any salad or vegetables and the only fruits she eats are apples and the occasional banana.... how she is growing so tall I'll never know!
God girls Im glad Im not the only one. My 6yr old ds is a nightmare. He will chocolate spread sambos for every meal if let. He'll eat crackers a butter, he drinks loads of water, he will eat apples (occasionally), he will eat tons and tons of mashed spud, his fave dinner is spud, fish fingers and peas/sweetcorn but he will only eat the veg if hes in the mood. Sometimes he will eat cookie crisp cereal which I hate giving him but its the only way he'll get milk into him. He wont eat any other type of dairy product. He also loves blackcurrant caprisuns. I bought him a book last weekend called 'cookbook for boys' and told him all boys eat the stuff thats in it so he agreed to try at least one thing every week. He decided on tuna pasta salad for this week so Ive ordered the necessary ingredients in my shopping which will come tomorrow so we'll see how it goes, Im not holding out much hope
Ok, since my last post I have made dinner. I decided to make mash, chicken kiev (ds will eat this) and rather than just give him peas/sweetcorn I had frozen mixed veg which had peas/sweetcorn/peppers/green bean and carrotts in it. I thought I would put it on his plate and if he threw a wobbly so be it. Well, hes only gone and eaten the whole lot!!! He loved it and actually asked me why I dont normally give him lots of vegetables
Can you believe that. He'll be sorry he said it cos I plan on bombarding him with every possible veg I can think of while hes in this frame of mind
Now if I could only get him to not have ham sambos every single day for his school lunch
Thats great alisonN.. i heard on Oprah that i child has to have a food on 10 regular occassions before they start to like it so God love them i've been forcing a lot of different food into them and giving them no choice.. its goes ok with my 6 year old but the 7 yr old moans.. he just about eats the food but he moans still! so i do force a good bit of veg on them at dinner time.. so i don't really worry about lunches..
ah I know claremummy, I always feel that if they've had decent breakfast and dinner then lunch is not that important. I just think that his teachers must think I have no imagination at all when it comes to his school lunch cos the only thing he will take is ham sambos! And then sometimes he doesnt even eat them, its such a pain. Id love him to eat wraps or pitta breads or something. Ah well, I suppose you cant win every battle
yeah all mine will eat is ham sambos or very occasionally cheese sambo
I always feel like teacher will think I am a bad mammy cos never any variety

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