Help....I have just been let down....


The lady from after school care I had lined up for DD starting next week, phoned me this am to say she has no driver and therefore cannot take DD to school or collect. Needless to say I am left in the lurch. She gave me some numbers to ring but none of them have a place. Can anybody recommend anywhere or anyone. DD goes to St Thomas' in Lucan and as I work in town I would need to drop her off at about 7.45 am and she would need to be dropped off to school at 9.00 am and collected at 1.40 pm.
Oh no, that's awful.
Why don't you ring the school and they might know of somewhere???
Hope you get it sorted.
Just to update you, I have found a place for her and she will be starting next week, thank God. no more crisis.
That's great

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