Girls developing at 6??


This is my first time posting on this forum but i need some advice.
I have a DD who is 6 years and 7 months, she'll be 7 in April. Anyway over the past year i have noticed that she is developing in her breast area! I know it might seem like i am being a bit nuerotic and i have thought that myself for a while but other people have noticed now too. If i don't put a crop top or vest on underneath her tshirt it is very noticeable she has a very defined breast area. I have kind of ignored it for a while but i really started thinking about it when i was bathing her during the week. She has put up a little weight also and this is quite unusual because she is tiny and alway was very petite and so i thought maybe its because she has put on a little weight, she isn't over weight or anything and age 6 clothes is still a little big on her but its her size so i don't think its because of her size because her breast area is more noticable than her little tummy. She also told me last week that her "boobs were hurting". When i was bathing her i also noticed that she seems to be getting a pair of hips too! Nothing noticable to anyone else but you know how you are always noticing your childs body changing and it really seems like hers is changing. I noticed earlier in the year also that her bum was more prominant and this is a classic case in our family because we all have the J-lo bum as we call it and her jeans fit her but seemed tight there.
I don't know if i am just being mad but i thought that at 6 she would still be flat and straight up and down whereas my little one seems more curvy!!! I am thinking of calling the gp and having a chat with him but am scared he thinks i am crazy!!!!!!
Any advice would be very much appreciated as i am very nervous she is hitting puberty too soon.
I think this is called 'precocious puberty' though not 100% sure. A friends dd had it and she brought her to the doctor to have it checked out as she didn't really want her 6 yr old going through all that puberty entails.
Thanks APmom,
I had read that on the internet but it didn't say an awful lot about it. To hear that someone else could have gone through it too is great cause i don't feel like a basket case anymore.
Do you mind me asking what happened when your friend went to the dr?? Did she end up having to take medication to slow the whole process down or what happened did he say it would just slow down or was it normal?
Thanks for your post i really appreciate it.
Someone I know has a little girl who started puberty at 4!! Now this child was tiny & totally not able to cope with the emotional changes that occurred. She ended up going to see a specialist in Temple Street & had to have hormone injections AFAIK - her mother only gave me brief details & I didn't like to pry.
Oh my god at 4!!!! It's hard enough thinking of my little one going through it at 6 i couldn't imagine my child going through it at 4!
I have read that somewhere that she may need hormone injections but that worries me alot also. I don't like the idea of her having to have more hormones put into her body it just doesn't seem natural but if i compare that to my little 6 year old angel going through puberty already that also doesn't seem natural! I feel lost here girls and i hope i am just imagining it but you know what i know i'm not cause i was showering her tonight and there is definate breast tissue there and she is saying that they are hurting her kind of stinging she said which to me says they are developing so i know its happening already. It's scary and i am frightened because i could make a decision that is gonna change her life. She is so inocent and i could decide to allow dr's to give her hormone shots and this could change her and i wonder what are the long term effects will this effect her in later life wanting to have children or what????? I am so confused girls and frightened this is my little angel that santa claus is coming to in a few weeks why am i even thinking about this now why is this happening to her? What does it mean for her future?
I have recently been diagnosed with pcos, now i only got my first af when i was 14 so i was late but i have read in the research that i have done for pcos that it is genetic and girls who go through puberty early are more likely to develope pcos than anyone else. It is frightening that i am looking that far into the future for my little 6 year old but its so frightening girls and i am not looking forward to going down that road.
My friend's little girl developed pubic hair at 7 and she had bloods done but everything came back normal she isn't goin through it yet her hormone levels are normal for her age but she has no breast development or anything so thats good but i am hoping my little angel gets the same results altho i don't think that will be the case.
Thanks for your replies girls, i am so worried now tomorrow won't come soon enough when i can get to my dr.
Oh girls how does this happen so quickly i just dont' know whats goin on i feel lost on this one girls.
Thanks again.
I'd bring her to the GP and ask for some blood tests. They should be able to measure the levels of oestrogen etc in her system and tell how close to puberty she is. I have a couple of cousins who started their periods at 9 so I'm already watching DD because she's tall for her age and I also have PCOS which can be hereditary (I started at 11 myself).
Thanks iuil, I have to phone the gp at 12:50 cause i just want to go through a few things with him first before i go with her so that all she thinks is that she is just having a check up and then i can discuss it with him when she leaves.
I am very nervous and i wouldn't be too concerned if i thought she wasn't gonna get them till she was 9 or 10 i think i could cope with that i know its still really early but its better than 7 or 8. I would say he will do bloods he is very vigilant and very good so i will wait and see what he says. The thing is she isn't tall at all for her age she is actually small for her age, my ds is only a year and half younger than her but he is the same height as her so don't know what to make of that. I will just wait and see what gp says and i hope i am over reacting and its not gonna happen for some time yet, here's hoping anyway.
Thanks girls, i'll let you know how i get on.
Hi girls,
I spoke to my gp today and i have to bring DD in to see him in the morning. I told DD that because she is getting older now she has to go for a "check up" to make sure she is growing properly. He said that seemed fine because he wanted to know what i was going to say to her without her thinking there was something wrong so i told him i had spoke to her a few days ago because i knew i would be bringing her and just told her that when you start to grow up every now and then you need to go to dr for a checkup to make sure everythin is growing properly. When ever i go to gp and its not for an obviouse reason like flu or somethin i tell the kids i just have to go for a check up so she thinks now that she is great because its her turn to get her check up.
I'm really nervous girls but hopefully all will be fine.
Thanks for your help.
Best of luck tomorrow maggs2. I'll be thinking of you.
No advice, sorry, but just wanted to say best of luck tomorrow.
You must be very worried. PG all will be OK.
Hi girls, thanks for your concern you are all great on here.
I brought DD to dr this morning and would you believe that last night she did ask me why her boobs were sticking out and she then pointed to mine and said i hope its not them!! I couldn't believe it cause i had convinced myself she hadn't noticed it at all. I just said to DD that dr will make sure also that that area isn't getting bigger before it should and she said oh good mammy cause i dont want them!
Dr was excellent as usual he did give her a check up as in listened to her heart and lungs and made her breath in and cough so she really didnt' think it was anything other than check up.
He did say there is definate breast developement there, that they have started to grow but he thinks they are in normal range but not sure. He then said that because she has no other signs that she is starting puberty ie pubic hair that he isn't that concerned. He said tho that he doesn't know enough about it to be 100% sure so he is gonna research it and give a few peadiatric friends a call to discuss it and see what comes of that. He said if they say its normal that he will leave her but that she will prob develope early and have her periods at about 9!!
I do feel better about that because i know that is normal for girls to start there periods at 9 but oh my god thats still so early. I was just say to dh that if she gets them at 9 it doesn't give me much time left with her as my innocent little angel. It also means that i will have to have that talk with her sooner than i ever expected.
For the moment things are good and i do feel better and not so worried but i am very sad because it means my little darling is growing much quicker than i would have liked.
Thanks for being there girls and i will keep you informed on how things go.
Aw Maggs. The little angel. Im sad here thinking of her saying she 'didnt want them' Shes still only a very little girl.
Your doctor sounds great though and that very reassuring. Ive never had a doctor say he'll research anything or ask around so it sounds like you are in good hands.
PG its normal as he said. Maybe just hope that its a sort of spurt and that it might settle and slow down for a while longer.
9 is awfully young for periods though and I wouldnt blame you for feeling sad but if shes that young when it does happen I bet she'll just take it in her stride as young kids do
Hope your doc. comes back with some advice soon and that its reassuring.
Hi girls,
Just to let you know i was with my gp this morning and he told me that he had gotten 4 or 5 different opinions on that and was told it is quite normal and that it should slow down. On the other hand he did say to keep and eye on her and if it increases and i think it is much more developed that she doesn't seem in proportion, he said i will know myself, but if that happens and/or she starts growing pubic hair to bring her straight back in and he will send her on immediately.
Gosh i have a great gp he is just fantastic.
Thanks for your advice and help girls, its much appreciated.
Delighted your GP took the problem seriously Maggs & hopefully you won't be back to him.

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