I cut dd's hair!


I'm a pretty impulsive person and after dd's bath yesterday, I had had enough! Her hair was a nightmare to comb through, full of tangles. Even 20 minutes of combing never seemed to rid her locks of knots. We have talked about getting it cut, but after 5.5 years of little "trims" it was always impossible to imagine a proper hair cut. Then I snapped. And this was the result
And yes, it was initially a little crooked. I'm no stylist, but I did fix it.
It's fab!
I do the same with my DDs'...there are only so many tangle related yelps and tears a Momma can take.
Oh, I know! It was never knot free because dd would fuss too much. Now she can brush it herself
It's pretty and looks much thicker too Does your DD like the new style?
Looks good to me! (but I have no patiance with knots and girls who don't like their hair being pulled) Be careful though, fringes are difficult to do (ask me how I know ).

I would never attempt a fringe! My mom used to BUTCHER my hair. Especially if I asked for a trim just before school in the morning.
And dd loves it. I tried to prepare her for seeing her friends today. They are young, so some of the girls might not see the benefit of a shorter cut (they all loved her "princess like" hair). So hopefully she has a good day
Strickam, do you find that 'all over' long hair gets in her eyes? I think it would be a lot easier for DD to not have a crooked fringe but I hate seeing her hair come down into her eyes. Does it take long to get past that stage? Does it get very messy at night?
It looks she happy with her new hairdo?
Her hair is gorgeous & really thick in the "after" pic - you did a good job .
My DD (14.5) cut her own hair the other day. She spends a lot of time analysising/admiring herself in the mirror & in her words "got an urge" to cut her hair. She did a brilliant job too - her hair is still long but she cut a side fringe into it too. Don't know how she managed it but the back is totally even!!! I told her in future we will go to the hairdressers!! but she's delighted with herself.

With DD1, I used to chop the bulk of the fringe of during daylight and then tidy it up when she was asleep!
I used to be able to wet it too, without her waking!
DD2 will happily stand still to have anything done to her hair.
She's two and a half, so long may that last.

Talented lady. But would you trust her to do yours?
You did a brilliant job. They say a good cut is gr8 for your hair. It grows back better. Does she miss it?
So far so good, ladies. DD has only been pleased with her new do, no regret yet.
Mrs Squarepants, glad your dd is pleased with her new cut, but there is always next time for something to go wrong When I was a teen I used to dye my hair all the time. Sometimes permanent, sometimes temporarily with Kool-Aid. Can you say Blue Raspberry
And tgirl, dd has never had fringe, so I don't know how long it takes to grow out. I decided when she was a baby that I would never deal with that, so she wore lots of bobbins and silly hair ties until she was about 2.5yo. But there's no real way to keep it out of her eyes for good. She tucks the hair behind her ears, and still I am often after her to get it off her face!

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