Looking for simple communion dress


Hi there, I am looking for plain maybe lace or even handknit communion dress - just something very simple and more like a summer dress. Has anyone any recommendations. Tks
Are you looking online or where are you based?
They have some on this site or had a really simple white one on the other day.
Monsoon, Debenhams, Adams are a good bet. Otherwise small local kids boutiques might have what you are looking for.
Adams do a great clear out sale at the end of January, I got a beautiful dress for DD last year for her brothers Communion. I bought it for €25 reduced from €50, jsut cos it was old season! It was sleaveless, plain on top with a little detail in the skirt. I bought it in pink but the white was beautiful and I bought the shoes there too. They has lovely bolero cardigans too, teamed up with a simple headdress it would be gorgeous.
Believe it or not, Dunnes and M&S had some lovely plain dresses too, that would double as a Communion Dress and Occassion wear (Flower Girl etc) it all depends how much you want to spend and what look you are after. My opinion and it is only my opinion, that the more simple the dress the nicer it is. Good luck, my DS is only 9 but takes 11-12 year old in clothes cos hes very tall and broad I don't envy anybody shopping for Communion. Word of warning though, everything sells out really quickly
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Check the above out for a list of holy communion stockists!

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