What to buy for a 5 year old boy?


DD1 is going to a party for a boy I don't know at all. What sort of stuff do 5 year old boys like?
Magnetix - one of the best pressies my DS got for his 5th birthday.
There was a post a while ago warning about the dangers of Magnetix - will see if i can dig it up - i wouldn't buy it though. Sorry AJ!!
My DS1 loves jigsaws, books, Knex is a big hit here, Lego, all that sort of stuff. Most 5 year old boys are into Transformers or Power Rangers, but if you don't know the boy, i'd keep it to simpler stuff. Mine are also mad into colouring, drawing, sticker books, etc.
Here's the link:
or this ... a0d71a2e39
also a big favourite in our house with all ages. ... 3a17b2cc2f
AM an expert on this topic !!
Booboo my ds would love you forever if you bought him any of those things!!!!
i must keep them in mind!
Like other posters have said ANYTHING ACTION HERO is always good
My DS (5) is mad about Cars (lightening, mater etc) Ratatouille & Spiderman @ the min so anything with them like Pjs, books, colouring books, action figures
Can I throw a spanner in the works here?
My DS is not into ANY superhero/actionhero/Big Ben 10 things and all that stuff, he never was... I would usually go for something like Crayola sets, Knex, Lego, and Tesco do some very affordable sets like Bug Catching sets, Mini-scope sets, experimental sets etc...
Loads of ideas. The one thing I know about this boy is he has a brother a year or 2 older so I am guessing he would be into the slightly older stuff. At least that is what I have found with my girls, the smaller ones reach various stages earlier than DD1 did just because they want to do what she does.
Had no idea they did a documentary about magnetix. Would someone enlighten me. I know that if two magnets are swallowed that would be a very serious issue is there something else? We keep them in a box away from the other toys and he plays with them on his own.
Knex is also great.
Sorry about the bum steer.
aj, DS has a magnetex set, or two I think, and he knows they have to be kept in his room seperate from other toys and only allowed play with them when his sisters are not around! I think it's like everything else, older kids toys have tobe kept away from younger kids. You could say that a chemistry/experimental set for an 8 year old is lethal to a 2 year old iykwim, it needs to be used responsibily.
Thanks Tobo,
Like that we keep the magnetix, lego etc in his room away from the smaller ones.
It is a choking hazard that is the issue here then, not something else????
AJ I think the problem was that if two magnets are swallowed they attract each other and thus squash the intestines.
I am sure they are safe for older kids...we have them here too but I keep them up high and they never have them down whilst dd2 is around or if I am not here to supervise. (sometimes one would fall on the floor and I could not trust dd1 to pick them up)
Yeah Lumpy, the two or more magnets attract and create a blockage in the intestine. There were one or two serious cases, I think in the US, of ths happening, sadly deaths occured as they had no idea what was wong till it was too late There was a recall in some PollyPockets last year regarding the same thing, and Barbie with her Poo-dog (the poo were magnets afair), but they are still on the sheleves so not sure what the resolution there was.
I don't usually but toys if it is a party say for a school friend - I feel they receive sooo many toys.... so I normally buy P.J.'s/pants/socks and stick in a colouring book or something else small.
Don't know if the smallies appreciate it but the mammies are always delighted
DS is 4 but into all of the above - spiderman, transformers, cars, power rangers etc
Some things not mentioned
Remote controled car
Football & mini goals
Play doh
Well what did you buy.
Yikes! We have Magnetix! I din't realise these were so dangerous. Must discreetly remove to the attic.
Was also going to recommend magnetix or geomag, my DS loves them and I like him been creative with them rather than the usual spiderman/power ranger stuff he usually likes.
I've started buying cinema vouchers for some of DS love the cinema and the parents are always delighted and have all commented that it was a great idea
how about a board game? id go colours, colouring book, books, jigsaw. football maybe, lego, the knex is great.
my ds is into ben 10, power rangers, he has informed me since he started school that he is to old for thomas and bob now

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