What age/height/weight can they sit in front seat of car?


Does anyone know what the rules are. We will need to get a bigger car eventually when ds4 is born as the whole family will no longer fit into a normal sized car but we were wondering if we would be able to hold off on this purchase and we could if ds1 could sit in the front. Ds1 is 11 and almost my height. How big do they have to be for this to be safe and legal?
I'd say he'd be grand.Phone your local guardai station and tell be able to tell you what the legal end of things are.My newphew is 11 and so is my son they sit in the front seat of my and my sisters car.Once the seat belt fits them proberly id say your grand.
I think they have to be 5'2" or 1m50.
Generally they reckon that's about age 11/12 but it is the height and weight that count.
Check the rsa website for all the details.

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