St. Francis Xavier NS Castleknock


Just wondering does anyone know anything about this school - is it good? Thinking of sending dd there as we didn't get into our local school.
My SIL' children went there before they moved to Meath. They always seemed very happy with the school.
Thanks for that chipmonkey - I need reassuring.
Our next door kids go there and they are very happy with it.
Thanks McGus.
hope you can get in.... all of D15 very strict with catchment areas at the moment... friends have little ones there and it seems to be great.
Hi snozberry - you are so right about D15. It has gone mad altogether with kids not getting into schools that they live across the road from and others then been driven miles to that school. Things seem to have eased in most schools with the exception of St. Pats. Scoil Thomas took a lot of kids from outside their catchment area if our creche is anything to go by so hopefully there is an end in sight to the crisis. We are moving into St. Francis catchment area so have a place although I've heard it was really hard to get in this year as they have cut down to 3 classes from 4 because of lack of funds so we are really lucky.
My DD1 goes here, and have to say, am very happy with it. The head master is very kind to the kids, and listens to the parents, and any time we have had a worry or concern, either he or the teacher has been very approachable. She had a problem which was basically bullying with a much older kid in her class in Junior Infants and it was stamped out pronto!! She so far has had three really good teachers, and is really happy to bounce into school each day! DD2 going there in September, so don't have any worries. Good luck whatever you decide.
Have only heard good things about this school.
Thanks for all the replies girls it has made the decision so much easier. I am now looking forward to sending her there in September. Murphf our dds could be in the same class!! I'm really looking forward to the open day in June and to meeting her teacher and class mates.
Hi Neve, That would be great, its kinda daunting thinking of getting to know a whole load of new parents!! The ones in DD1's class are so nice, hope to see you there!! Glad we put your mind at rest
I went to St Francis Xaviers many moons ago , and DS will be starting there in September!
Personally speaking, I loved the school and would definitely reccomend.
Just wondering if any MM's got their letters for the meeting(s) this week?
We're scheduled for Friday at 12.30 so DS is Room 3.
Hi CMR we have our meeting on Thursday - well at least I think it is thursday but after seeing your mail I am doubting myself. DD is in rm 3 too!! We only got the letter on Friday. I was beginning to panic as it was getting so close to the end of term and was wondering were they going to get to meet their teacher at all.
Hi Neve,
I know, its quite late, and I was following the other thread and everyone else seemed to have had their meet & greet day !
I've read and re-read the mail a hundred times at this stage! Am I right in saying we just need to bring the 40 Eur for the arts & crafts / photocopying on the day?
DS has Miss H*ghes, a friend of my sisters DD has to go to the school on Thurs and as far as I know she has a different teacher and is in a diff room?

Me too, good memories, think I left in '86.
Very amused at the 'Castleknock' address though, it's nowhere near Castleknock.
You were only a couple of years ahead of me so Hipps
Re - the Castleknock address, I think it falls under the great debate of what side of the tracks its on....but I always call the Roselawn Rd Castleknock
CMR dd has same teacher as you, now I'm really worried. I'm nearly sure the meeting was the 19th, christ I probably have it wrong!!! I can't take Friday off work so I hope it is Thursday. I don't think you have to pay anything. It said on my letter you could pay for arts and crafts on the day but in another section it says you can pay in September. I'm going to get the books myself. Do you know anything about the teacher?
On Castleknock address, I think all of Roselawn, Delwood and Brompton are Castleknock. On the old townland maps they were Castleknock so it payed for developpers to stick with the name!
Just rang my DP to double check cos I started doubting myself and its deffo Friday the 20th for me.....12.30 sharp.
Maybe yours could be the Thursday and they're having more than 1 day?!
I've no feedback on the teacher either so looking forward to meeting her - does your DD know anyone else in the class?
DS and another little boy from his creche have both ended up in Room 3.
CMR, I checked my letter last night and we are definetley the 19th. Its very strange that kids in the same class are going on different days. I suppose its so that there isn't such a crowd in with the teacher at the same time. I know nobody going to SFX. The kids from our creche are split between St. Mochtas, St. Patricks, Scoil Thomais and one or two other schools. DD doesn't want to go because her friends are going elsewhere.
Hey Neve, just checked with the creche this morning, and you're spot on - theres going to be 30 in the class, so they've split the days for meeting the teacher so they won't be swamped.
Best of luck for Thurs - let us know how you get on
CMR - the meeting in the school was grand. The principal was really nice but I'm not really sure about the teacher. I went in to the class and she was sitting behind her desk, she didn't interact with the kids at all. She just took the money for arts and books. She is quite young so maybe she was nervous with all the parents there. I thought they were going to introduce the teacher and let the kids go down to the class while the parents went to the information talk. The kids were so good sitting through an hour long talk which I'm sure went over their heads. He was saying that there are 112 kids going in to JI and they are from 26 different countries. He was comparing it to when the school opened and there were only kids from Delwood, Glenville, Roselawn and a few other surrounding estates.
I'm dying to hear what you make of the teacher.
Hey Neve,
Thanks for posting....gosh thats not what I was expecting. I dunno how my DS will behave for a 1hr chat
I imagined that the kids would definitely get to chat with the teacher.
Did the children get to go into the classroom at all, or where they just restricted to the PE Hall?

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