All in one nightwear?


My 5 and a half year old would love an all in one nightset just like her 19 mth old sister. She loves the idea of her feet enclosed but I can't find them anywhere. I think I saw them for older children last year coming up to the Christmas. I'd really need one for a 6-7 yr old as she is quite tall. Does anyone know or have any of ye seen them in the shops recently? All replies welcome
I got a christmas one for my DS1 last Christmas in Dunnes. It is age 4-5, I am sure they had bigger. they have a lot of Christmas Dresses and stuff in already, so maybe they have them again this year.
dunnes have them but i could only see them up to age 5....the 5 looks huge though..
i would love one of these for me !
I'm pretty sure mothercare do them in bigger sizes.
My DD was looking for one last year as well, the only one I found was in M & S but it wasn't fleecy and it had no feet.
I got it for her though and she loved it
I knew i saw some in age 7-8 last yr in mothercare. just checked the site and here's one ... 1&mcb=core
Thanks all, will try when in Dublin in the next few weeks if I can't get one here. The one in mothercare looks cute!
Answers: ... 52&source=
Heres one on la redoute (sp) is a boys one, i assume they have girls ones as well but not had a proper look at site.

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