leaving cert: home EC or Geography


Daughter has to pick her leaving cert subjects tomorrow and is unsure on her last choice. Whether Geography or Home Ec. She did both for junior cert but was reluctant to continue home ec for leaving cert even though she had previously enjoyed it, as she has been told it now gets all scientific. But with geography she doesn't enjoy it, has always struggled with it but has been told the syllabus is the same.
Any one else already had experience with either subject in leaving cert and can give any input.
Many thanks
Here is a good link to familiarise yourself with the syllabus.
Geography sounds a lot more scientific than Home Ec. Personally I'd say sick with home ec.
Home Ec be comes scientific for the leaving with a concentration on biology and quiet a few projects to do. saying that it is a good poins getter still.
Geography is still seen as an easy subject with a concentration on social geograph. Why cities and towns appear in some places, town planning etc.
But if you don't mind me asking, your daughter does not seem to be interested in either is there no other subject she could take?
How about histroy??
Or another science?
Or maybe art if she took it to junior
It has been yeas since I thought about this but from what I remember there was a good bit of crossover in content between LC Biology and Home Ec. Does your DD plan to take biology for the LC? I took both of these for LC and Geography was considered more difficult to get a good grade in due to the large numbers taking it - not sure if it is still the same.
I think I would be thinking about if she has an aptitude for either of these subjects? What do her teachers think? Would either choice impact on her career plans for the future? What are the alternatives if she takes neither of them?
Maybe have a trawl through the curriculum as an earlier poster suggested and she might have a clearer picture.
Good luck with the choice
Hi,i know I'm late
many moons ago i did both but took the He social and scientific as an extra subject. as I did both honours biology and honours english ,these two subjects got me 60 percent of the paper and with a littl extra work you already have the paper iykwim? It was an extra way of getting extra points......don't know if you can still do this though. I got a c !!! for vey little work as I was doing them anyway.
Does this make sense

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