Have forgotten everything!


Dd is 19 weeks and I started giving her a couple of tsp of baby rice mixed with fruit puree yesterday... despite going through it all with ds I can't remember a goddamn thing about weaning onto solids... help anyone?!
What's a good routine for solids / milk feeds at this age?
At what point should I start giving her solids more than once a day (e.g. introduce breakfast / dinner)?
Any guidelines on how much milk she should be taking once she gets established on solids? (currently bf twice a day and the rest is formula)
And any ideas on when I can drop the dream feed?
I've forgotten all this myself but I did buy Gina Ford's Contented Baby book of weaning which was a fab guide in terms of quantities and what to introduce and when and also about reducing milk intake when weaning. Would really recommend it.
Thanks Lami, will give that a go... no access to bookshops for a few days though and I'm just impatient to know... you know yourself! I had a look on the Baby Whisperer website and there are some suggestions there.
This might help.
Crash Course in Weaning
A day by day Guide
Starting Solids
My starting solids program allows three days between introducing new tastes. This is because it can take up to three days for an allergic reaction to take place. If you follow this program you will know what and when something was introduced.

Day 1 to 3 (Rice cereal)
Start this day in the normal way. Follow my routine for a baby aged 10 weeks to starting solids. I recommend you give your baby his first taste of solids at around 12 noon so if your baby has an allergic reaction it should be while you are awake.
Give your baby his 11am feed as normal.

Just before midday start by mixing one teaspoon of baby rice with your warmed expressed breast milk or warmed formula so your baby recognises the taste.
You could use cool boiled water but I have found babies prefer the taste of the milk they are used to. You will need to mix it to a very smooth consistency.

Always test the temperature of any food before you give it to your baby. Once you have tested it put a little on a spoon and slowly put it against your baby's lips. When your baby opens his mouth a little put the spoon in just far enough so you can slowly pull it out wiping a little of its contents on his upper gum.
This will encourage your baby to eat.

Don't worry if your baby is not keen at first it sometimes takes up to twelve tastes of something for your baby to show interest.
After your baby has had a couple of tastes carry on with your daily routine as normal. Do this for three days.

Day 4 to 6 (Rice cereal and apple purée)
I always introduce some apple purée on the fourth day to avoid babies getting constipated. Once again follow my routine as normal then
At 12noon give him a cube of the apple purée. At around 5:15pm give him his rice cereal followed by his bath and then back on the routine.

Day 7 to 9 (Rice cereal, apple and carrot purée)
Now it is time to follow my routine called "Babies on solids":
8am give him rice cereal by it self or mixed with the apple purée.

12 noon give your baby some carrot purée. 5:20pm give your baby rice cereal.

Day 9 to 12 (Rice cereal, apple, carrot and pear purée)

8am give him rice cereal mixed with a new-taste of pear purée. Now that your baby has a few tastes you can mix these foods around a bit. Try apple mixed with carrot. I have found babies love this.

You can give rice at lunch time and carrot at tea time.

Day 13 to 15 (Rice cereal, apple, pear, carrot and courgette/zucchini purées)
Introduce the courgette at 12 noon.

Day 16 to 18 (Rice cereal, apple, pear, carrot, courgette/zucchini and Swede purées)
Introduce the Swede at 12 noon.

Day 19 to 21 (Rice cereal, apple, pear, carrot, courgette/zucchini, swede and potato purées)
Introduce the potato at 12 noon.

I'm sure you get the idea. I have added some recipes below to help you. You can get a list of safe foods from

I lifted this from rollercoaster looks good.
Thats really useful Amber, thanks!
Just wondering do you reduce the milk intake once you start introducing solids. I cant remember what I did with ds1, and its not that long ago. Just remember that i didnt reduce his milk intake and he lost interest in the solids cos he was so full of milk!!
I think did reduce milk but TBH I could not swear to it.
I will have to do a bit of research myself as feel like a total novice again.
Thanks Amber, that's a great guide. Do you know who wrote it on rollercoaster? (i.e. a weaning expert or another mum? or is there a difference I hear you say!)
Here is the link to the full thing:

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