Periods coming back, very frequent but light


Not sure where to put this in. Figured I'd try the breastfeeding section because it was only when I started introducing formula that my periods came back at all. I've had several very light periods, about every two weeks, for a while now. Is this normal?
It varies for everyone. Mine came back on DD2 exactly two weeks after I introduced solids at 6 months. They were normal as soon as they came back (every 25 days). Sometimes it can take a while for your cycle to regulate. What is your normal cycle like?
It was close to regular at 28 days and quite heavy.
I heard it is normal to restart your period when your baby is 6 months onward (when you are exclusively breastfeeding). I still don't have mine. My Mam can't believe I haven't started yet.
I got my periods back when baby turned 8 weeks.
They are very light and i am breastfeeding her and not giving her any top ups. She started sleeping though the night from 5 weeks so dont know if that is why?
I was very disapointed as i thought I would not have them for a little bit longer.
With the other two it was just 4 months. All my friends were period free for all of the breastfeeding life
I think it varies so much for everyone - Got my af back after 3 months with DS, still no sign of anything with DD - both bf babies - some women do not get them back until they stop bf - I got pregnant while bf !?
If you are worried, maybe contact your GP on Tuesday ?

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