Bottle Battles!


trying to introduce a bottle of ebm for dd3 as we had an awful time with dd2 and dh wants this time to be able to give a bottle when needed. Gave her 80mls when she was 2 1/2 weeks old and she took it well enough, but a week later and she freaked out when we tried.
I am using avent bottles with a newborn teat, i wonder if the flow is too slow cos I have a very fast let down? Don't want to spend a fortune on different bottles and stuff though cos been there done that.
any tips? she is 4 weeks tomorrow.
If you do a search on here you will find loadsa threads on this so hopefully something will work.
DD got about 1 bottle a week from 4 weeks...sometimes she took it sometimes she didn't but she always took enough to not starve if I was not around.
For us breastflow bottles were the only ones that worked...I doubt it's the teat size that is the problem, I too had OALD but DD freaked when we tried a faster teat.
Also most people say you should not give the bottle as they know they can have boob if they prefer but actually for us I was often the only one she would take it from (which kinda defeated the purpose but I'm glad we kept it up as we weaned without too much palaver at 6 months)
Best of luck with it.
I was using the tommy tippee ones & DS really didnt like it
I changed to a nuby one and it seems much better now i dont know if he just got used of the bottle or if was the different teat - the nuby bottle is a soft bottle as well which means you can give it a wee squeeze and it encourages them to keep sucking.
a friend of mine swore by the avent ones - guess it just depends on the baby

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