losing weight while breatfeeding


looking for some tips,
i am breastfeeding my 7 month old (seems constartly despite the fact he east plently of solids)
i didnt manage to lose any weight with my 1st til after she totally weaned, i was still feeding number 2 when i became pregnant with number 3, so feel like i have 2 lots of baby weight to lose!
holidays in 8 weeks and though i dont expect or even want to wear swimwear i would love to feel more comfortable in my clothes especially considering the weather
any tips or ideas welcome
I've only had one baby so not as much experience, I am losing weight though and can wear some of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Most days I go for a long walk and I try to eat reasonably well, and not stress out over the weight.
I do believe that stress and poor sleep make it more difficult to lose weight.
I also haven't had the benefit of the much hyped weight loss. My appetite has been huge and I don't make the best food choices. I probably haven't gained as much weight as I should have considering the amount I eat these days!
I have read that it's especially important to lose weight gradually when you're breastfeeding as the toxins stored in fat cells do get into breastmilk as the fat cells breakdown. 1 or 2 lbs a week tops. But that's the sensible thing to do anyway!
i joined weight watchers last week and you get 10 extra points if you bf exclusively and 5 if you bf with solids as maybe try least it caters for breastfeeders, i was impressed and have lost 3 pounds
still waiting for that miracle cure, but i've been waiting for that a long time.
i guess its just knuckle down but like you say, when youre tired and emotional its much harder, plus i hate waste, and my girls are not the best eaters so theres always left overs.
Hi mims
Good luck, I find it very difficult to loose the pounds when bf, or that is what I blame anyway.
I think starting slow is the key, one thing at a time.
dd is now 14m and she has upped her night and day feeds for some reason, and still eating lots of solids.
It is the lack of sleep that has me craving sugar and quick food and then I get fed up, or just too tierd to cook proper food for myself.
This week I have had to restart what was a good routine for me, increase water intake, try to get the 6 or 8glasses a day, this fills you up, keeps you hydrated and as a rule you should feel better (ie not deydrated).
Also getting more sleep, easier said than done, but if I get at least 2early nights (means I miss some tv or pc time oh and the "chores") then if I don't have the full nights sleep it doesn't affect me so much.
Also some gentle stretching can make a world of difference to how you feel physically, just simple stretches that you can do in the kitchen while kids are occupied, or five to ten mins in the morning.
Jorge Cruise has some v.doable stuff and you notice difference quickly. ( I have the 8mins in the morning book and it is very doable, food a bit americany but most of it ok for here/adaptable.)
hth and Best of luck
I'm probably one of the luckier ones, in that I can eat as much as I want, and what I want, and not put on weight while feeding. However, I still think it's important to eat well - you can be skinny and have blocked arteries or other poor diet-related risks - so I try to be good. One thing I find great to satisfy the sugar craving (when I often indulge in some chocolate) is dried fruit - mango, banana or raisins are my choice. I go through a lot of them, and find that, if I choose them instead of chocolate, cake or biscuits, after a few minutes I don't feel tempted by the less healthy option. I also find cashew nuts great - esp. if I'm not quite satisfied by the dried fruit. I agree with Emmy that sleep interruption plays havoc on the body's attitude towards sugar. We've had huge improvements in E's sleep in the past few months and I find that has made it much easier to eat more healthily.
hi again,
my 7 month old had up to recently been spacing out the nightfeeds but all of a sudden he is mooching all the time day and night, eating lots of solids too, wonder why? is it a growth spurt time? Is it time for me to start forcing larger gaps between his feeds?
i do get the sugar cravings, might try that dried fruit option, healthier anyway, i guess what with easter being so recently i may feel guilty with that too.
i must be losing something, if slowly, my 8 year old was giving me a hug and declared hey you're not as fat as you were, i can reach my hands around the back.
I haven't lost a pound breastfeeding, yet ..( there's always hope !!) .I'm not ravenous all the time ( maybe my metabolism isn't revved up enough ? ) and not eating all around me tbh , also gyming it 4 times a week since easter and not a single pound !!!!
I feel utterly conned !! Ah but seriously , hopefully it will bloody well go soon !
I'm still feeding DD who is almost 16 months and I've been going to WW for about 6 weeks now and I've lost 11.5lbs. It's very do-able and I've found loads of low point sweet treats to keep me on the straight and narrow. As Rayray said - you do get extra points for breastfeeding so it's very unrestriceted.
I will start by saying I put on 4 stone in my last pregnancy
I joined WW's when my son was about 6 weeks - I had lost a bit in the birth and the week after but still had 3 stone to lose - took it very easy - just ate healhty within the points (10 points for exclusive bfing) From about 5 months post par I've added a wee bit of excercise in as well - walking and more recently light jogging - I've lost 40lbs
I am another who did not find the breastfeeding helped with weight loss - I lost weight breastfeeding after all 3 but worked hard at it. If you feel you need the extra push WW's is very good.
Freckles you are doing great!
dunno if it was just me, but I couldn't lose any weight while bf for 5 mths as my appetite was too big- despite lots of walks etc and I was worried it would affect my supply. Anyway, after I gave up, with no effort at all 1/2 stone just fell off even though I'd started back on the beer. Now, I have to admit some of that weight may have been from the boob, but it couldn't have all been from them!! They were never v big. Maybe it was extra fluid or something? Before this pg I weighed less than I did before my first pg, heres to hoping I get away with it this time again
I too joined WW and found that they allowed over 50% extra eating i.e 10 pts for B/feeding. It meant that i could have a normal size dairy milk or whatever i fancied in the same vein everyday. they basically encourage you to adopt a healthy balance / eating plan, very easy to follow. A lifesaver, as getting trimmer and looking good whilst breastfeeding is a real boost - especially if like me you do not get out with friends in the eve that often. I am now at target weight (lost almost 1.5 stone over 10 months) and only stopped B/F last week. Always had a very good milk supply. Getting to a nearby meeting (with baby) every Tues morn was also great chance to chat and meet up with other Mum's of babes in our area, we often met for walks in the AM over the summer

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