"I have an idea for your sore booby Mum ..."


"...I'll fix it with something in my doctor kit".
DD1 got a doctor set for Christmas and it's been a big hit. I was very touched today when she came up with her plan to help me out.
(my favourite line on Christmas Day was "Doctor <DD1> needs to go wee wee" )
How sweet is your DD!
Hope you're okay soon B!
Its so sweet. Our DD also loves her doctors kit. Often she'll ask me if I'm feeling sick and I have to remember to say yes so she can make me better. Most of the time though she pretends her babies (dolls) are sick and she calls the doctor and then she becomes the doctor and so it goes round and round until she moves onto something else.
Everyone's being dosed with Calpol in this house (after she listens to our hearts with her "telescope"! )
That is so cute
My dd loves to give everyone injections with her plastic needle from her Dr's kit. We have to remember to say "Ohh, I feel sooo much better now" (otherwise she gives us another one )
yes, my boob was cured with repeated applications of the pointy thing (aka the plastic syringe). I had to be very brave.

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