winter vomiting at 6 mo


yesterday he was not in good form and spat up loads, last night he nearly slept all night - unprededented - and he's just done a huge vomit. what will I do? keep feeding as he wants I suppose. should I express when he's not? how long will it last?
DH and I have either had it twice in last two weeks and DS1 once or else its all lasted about 3 weeks! its never ending and this is the first that baba has it. do I offer water? and I thought that we were all better finally. AGH I hate winter.
Hi there, so sorry your lo has this bug. Feed him breastmilk as much as you can. The antibodies will help him to get better. Don't know if you have started solids, but it's probably best just to give him breastmilk, no water or anything else. My DD2 had four tummy bugs when she started at the creche, and they lasted for a couple of days each. Let him feed as much as he wants, perhaps offer the breast more often than you would normally and he may snack rather than have big feeds. Express for your own comfort if you feel very full. Best of luck, hope the situation improves for you.
Absolutely, nurse him.
It is so important to keep on as even if they puke they have already at started absorbing nutrients and are quite unlikely to become dehydrated.
Ds7 has just had an awful vomiting bug and nursed through it.
thanks how long will it last i wonder?
Tadhg was puking for around 5 days on and off.
Oh, Im so sorry to hear the oo's said - keep feeding like normal and as often as baba wants, which could be more than normal...
Hope you guys all feel better soon!

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