Lots & Lots of Dirty Nappies


My son (15 months) is currently producing an average of 6 horrific nappies a day. He is/was teething, and had 2 rounds of tummy bug, so I was putting it all down to that, however this has now been going on for 2 weeks, with a break of a couple of days in between.
We cancelled his MMR 2 weeks ago due to runny nappies, and we are due to go again this Friday, so I will speak to the doctor about it. But just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? We have had him off milk for most of this time to try to clear it up. His form is great, and he is eating like a horse, as usual, so not sure what is up. Could it be a food intolerance? Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
Madamemac - my 13 month old son is going through the same thing. Have no idea why. I was putting it down to teething as well but no tooth has come through. He is eating a lot of fruit at the moment so I was wondering was it that.
Our son is getting his MMR next week but I wasn't going to cancel it but I was going to mention to the nurse next week to see does she have any ideas as to why it's happening.
The joys of motherhood!
Hiya Clauds, thanks for replying. Things seem to have normalised a little bit since I posted, but I will still ask the dr tomorrow and let you know if he has any pearls of wisdom to impart!
Oh yeah, the joys alright!!
only thing I could suggest would be if you had changed him over in the last few months to milk. we changed our dd over on her first birthday and it wasnt until a couple of months later that she showed an intolerance. We put her on soya milk and the problem cleared after a week or so. We still give her yogurts, cheese etc but milk is soya.
you could just mention it to doc - might save our long winded trip to specialist who didn't tell us more than we already guessed ourselves!
Snozberry, thanks for your reply. I did think of this, and in fact, we have him off milk for the past fortnight. Nappies seem to be improving, so have put him back on his milk and will see now if the situation disimproves again.
The GP's advice was to keep an eye on things (in light of the improvement), and if things go downhill again, that we will need to take some stool samples (sounds lovely...!) and have them tested.
Anyway, thanks for your help!
Hi COR, sorry to hear you've been having the same problem. Its worrying, isn't it, esp. when it drags on. Thankfully my small man seems to be alright again, but am keeping an eagle eye on him. Only thing I can suggest is that you keep him off the milk and give yourself a target i.e. this day week, to go to the doctor if it hasn't cleared up, and have his poo tested.
Try Bepanthen ointment for the raw bum - this was a suggestion I got from another here, and it did work. You should only use it until the bum clears up, not on an ongoing basis.
I'm with you on the milk - we were all reared on it with no ill-effects, so its hard to see how there can be so many kids allergic to the stuff one generation on..!
Anyway, hope your little man is better soon. Best of luck!
Just when I see you mention the cream, I tried lots of over the counter stuff over the past couple of weeks, before a girl in work saying that she knew ofthis 'miracle cream' - and it really was just that.
It is homeopathic (-flower extracts etc.), but most chemists stock it. It is called Weleda, and the change overnight had to be seen to be believed.
Couldn't speak highly enough about it.
Our doctor never heard of it, as it is not medicated, but it's a gem.
Was with the nurse today as our little man was getting the MMR and she said all the dirty nappies are from them eating too much fruit, esp oranges and grapes. Didn't think they could eat too much fruit! All the books promote fruit, fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit!
Will cut back on the fruit for a few days and see how he's getting on. For us it definitely wasn't caused by the cows milk as it happened a lot before we switched him over.
Hope this is of some help. Nothing worse than yucky stinky nappies. Speaking of which - I can smell one now!
Too much fruit is not good, and in fact vegetables are better than fruit really. Also, be aware of the amount of pesticides that is on fruit and that because children have a much lower body mass than adults that the pesticides will be more concentrated in their body. Use organic fruit as much as possible especially apples and grapes which are among the most sprayed crops in production today. I feel an expert now having returned from Cornwall where we spent a day at the Eden Project which is absolutely brilliant - it shows how the planet is today and how much food it could produce if managed properly; there is also a lot of info on foods we eat and how we should balance fruit and veg. intake.

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