Haircut problems!


Hey Girls
Have just had to take my DS out of the barbers because he was going BALLISTIC, the barber hadn't even gone near him, only with the gown...! HELP! Daniel O'Donnell would be proud to have the 'DO' my DS is sporting at the moment!
The last time he got it cut, we barely got it done, he was bawling thru the whole cut and I knew I'd be in for problems this time around...
What can I do? I dunno if he'd sit in a chair in for example, Kiddiescuts...
Has anyone else got problems like this and if so what do you do!
HELP, before my DS is employed as a head double for 'Our Daniel'!

(apologies to any Daniel fans of course!!)
Do you live near a kidzcut?? Maybe if your passing bring him in a few times just for a look around, and just talk about whats going on, and really talk up the chair and the fact that you can watch a dvd? and after such time that he is comfortablr with situation, then try him in the chair, then maybe the haircut. my ds2 in a nightmare and he is 5, but ds3 loves getting his done and will sit perfectly still! bless.. cause he knows he gets a lolly when he is finished!!!
xx good luck
Ohh i know exactly how you feel, my DS2 's hair is mad at the moment, and last time we took him to get it cut he went crazy and it was in kittycuts with cartoons playing and everything, i had to physically hold him down while the guy chopped his hair as humanly possibly, Wish i could figure something out as well as his hair is seriously mad at the moment Cant give you any advice at all unfortunetly There's a kiddycuts inside mothercare in Tallaght if your near there, Good Luck!!
I just cut a bit off my DS's myself while he was otherwise busy (painting ).
He tried to swipe me away like an annoying fly a few times but was so engrossed that I managed to get it tidied.
There is no way he'd let anyone near it yet.
I remember my dad (a barber) doing the same with all the little nephews.. hed give a swift trim while they were eating their dinner or whatever
DSs hair looks fine when washed and brushed... but he keeps twisting it into punky looking spikes Awful is not the word!!!
Maybe a makeshift trim for now would do your Little man
PS that him before the trim in the photo Its better now. Still very Daniel O Donnelly looking though... but I kinda like it.
Thanks for your replies girls!
He came away with the lolly but no haircut Karrie! Little monkey! His hair is really thick and full so he really looks like a 60's throwback!!! So I don't think I could manage a tidyup, even tho that is a great idea Think I'll have to bring him into kiddiescuts and like you said Karrie get him used to it... I wonder if I got a hair trimmer thingie, could I do it a bit at a time?
Don't do the hair-trimmer, imo anyway, it'll make him worse!
Go to a barber that have women cutting, (no offence men) but I think little boys are far more settled with women cutting hair.
DS is now 6.5 and goes with my dad when it's time, I still make them cut it by scissors...and refuse the hair-trimmers as I think when they try to trim the hair round the neck and that, it promotes extra, coarse hair before their time iykwim.
OH God no!! dont go near it with a trimmer Youd probably end up cutting out chunks and then not getting it finished which would be worse.
I suppose I have some idea of how to cut mens/boys hair. My dad taught me a bit.
Do you have a friend who knows how to cut hair. They could give him a quick tidy up while he was on your knee or at a tabe playing with something IYKWIM
Good luck. Wuish mine would just leave his alone
Hate that mad wild man from Borneo look
Ask the barber not to bother with the gown. (It only upsets my guy. Hairs, I can cope with later.)
Beg borrow or steal a portable DVD player and stand in front of the child holding it while his DVD of choice is playing
Hey presto!
Find a barber that will cut his hair while he is sitting on your lap.
See if he is the same in a hairdressers (but they will charge you more).
See if the barber will cut his hair somewhere other than the barber chair.
Bring a DVD player (DH is putting one into his new shop for this very reason)
Get your DH to bring him.
Bring his favourite toy.
Buy him a present
Bribe him!
My Daniel (who doesn't have DO'D hair) is responsible for getting his chair into the right place when it is time for his hair to be cut (in the middle of the kitchen floor by his father)
Been there, done that with both boys! Ds1 was a nightmare, had to physically hold him down!, ds2 was bad for a while but not as bad!
What we think helped ds1 was dh taking him with him a few times but not getting his hair cut.,.just watching daddy get his done, and the promise of a lollipop if he was good, also had to be cruel a once and not let him have a lolli because he wouldn't let the girl cut his worked, took him back in the next week and he got his lolli
LOL at D O'D comment! He has a gorgeous head of hair. Your DS, not Daniel!!!!
Could you maybe sit on the chair and have him on your lap as Lotwan suggested and get the barber to pretend he's cutting your hair? Or let him "brush" your hair while the barber cuts his. DD won't let me brush her hair unless she's brushing mine or dolly's!
Or you can wait till he cuts it himself !!!!!! twice now I have said to ds2 that we need to book an app....and what happens....he SOMEHOW gets a hold of a cutting device and gives himself a trim nightmare!!!!!! oh kids will be the death of us mums!!!!
Mine is much the same.
Have now resorted to chopping it whilst he is asleep
(I am not a hairdresser, and have quickly discovered that whatever undiscovered talents I may have, cutting toddlers hair stylishly is not one of them but needs must )
Worth a try if all the above suggestions fail!
Been there done that with my 10 yo many times and the final straw was a complete tantrum when she was about three in a hairdressers where I had to pay handsomely for the privilege so I invested in a proper scissors and went at it myself.
DS got his first cut in Kiddicuts and screamed his head off so he's my next client. He was in the bath last night and was nice and distracted so off i went with comb and trimmed away and didn't do too bad. Anything is better than dealing with that sort of stress - he won't be any the wiser
Good luck
had the same with my DS. A barber advised not forcing them and just to do the best you can yourself until they are ready. So for a year the poor lad sported various versions of the pudding bowl with increasingly odd fringes. Used to do it in the bath or while he was watching TV. Finally got him to a barber about 2 weeks ago- he's 3 years and 2 months now. My brother took him (who he ADORES) and they went for an icecream after.
He will grow out of it, just when is the question! Be careful if you tackle the fringe yourself....
Hi there,
My DS was just the same - it was v. upsetting for us both - literally he would be in tears all the way through the hair cut.
What we did was let his hair grow down into his eyes - this really bugged him. When he complained we would say that we could go and get his hair trimmed (we didn't use the word cut just in case it had bleeding connections iykwim). He was so fed up with his fringe that when we suggested that he went with Daddy and had a trim and afterwards he could have a toy helicopter that he had his eye on in Smyths, he sat up in the chair and there wasn't a bother on him. Every time since that haircut it has been easier and easier - after his hair trim now he goes for a lemonade and Pringles to the pub with his Daddy and they walk home afterwards. A bit of Daddy time and one less job for me.
Hi Girls!
Thanks so much for your posts! I'm giggling away here reading them
I won't get a clippers so! I was really going out to buy a set today, but was a bit worried myself about the first run of the clipper on his head and leaving this corn field effect because he wouldn't let me do the rest! I'm seperated so its me who does hairdresser/barber duty I think the best option is to attempt a trim myself. Its bath night tonight so might do what you suggested and give it a go... thanks! I actually have a trimming scissors for scissoring my Bichon Frise (dog), its a proper grooming scissors so think I'll sterilise it today and use that. The fringe might be a problem, this scissors is very pointy, but I'll just go easy. Alternatively, my mams hairdresser comes to her house and usually does my DD and has a lovely way, so if all else fails, I'll see if she'll try to tame DS's 'Daniel Do' (apologies LoTwan for the name!!)...

Ok! I just cut (loose description to what actually happened!) DS's hair! Sat him down with DD and a load of jigsaws, did the trick... he sat still, it was just me and my no-hairdressing experience that is the problem! I've cut it a good bit and it looks a good bit better but there's chunky steps on the back of his head, the hair was really thick here so it was really hard. I think I'll quit before I end up scalping him! Phew! Least he looks a tiny bit more respectible now!!!

Ahh snuggler good for you!!!my DD(15) tried cutting his fringe the other week..disaster lol.....he moved she no kidding he's gonna move ...still i suppose he can see a bit better..the rest of his hair is mad..looks like he's got static hair (sticking up everywhere) lol
Oh God Magz! I can just imagine! I'm looking at DS now and his fringe is all wonky, the back looks like an amatuer with a scissors went mad on it (eh, wonder who that was!!!! ehem!!!) LOL!
Still, its shorter, not as full and he's happy, so thats the main thing!
dd1 was like that at the start and my hairdresser used cut it whilst she was on my lap. At the same time I was getting my hair washed and the distraction of watching me meant she never noticed the hairdresser behind her.
Fortunately dd2 has very little hair so not a problem yet, and ds's hair is curly so dh cuts it for him (easier to cut curly hair as it doesn't have to be is quite long at the moment though and he won't let us cut it as he likes it long. Although it seems to be the fashion at the moment(although he doesn't know that).
I cant belive this...i picked up scissors today and DS2 started pointing to his hair(he's not really talking yet!) and standing there so i started cutting little bits and i thought great! tried to bring the brush near it and he flipped out so i just cut as much as could without the brush so managed to get some away from his ears and from the back...not tooooo bad now lol they're funny lil things

Shame on me! I didn't even notice!
Thats good Lotwan!!! the pudding bowl look was avoided then, as was the ever-popular style "Mammy cut my fringe and made a sh!ite of it" !!!! We weren't looking for either of those
Anything is better than having a screaming match about hair - have had way too many of them over the years!!
Cheers G

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