glasses for a 4yr old


Our DD was having problems at the phn eye checkup- wouldn't cover one eye, said she couldn't see from it etc ,so it turns out she's pretty longsighted in that eye- had her at specialist today and told we have to get glasses (pretty thick ones by the sounds of it!) and will have to patch the good eye for a while each day so as to encourage the other eye to come on.
But just wondering has anybody got any tips on how to get her to a) wear/keep the glasses on and b) leave the patch on, as I can see there will be trouble on that front
Also where is best to go for kids' glasses- specsavers or any opticians? Or does it make a difference?
Thanks in advance
My DD3 has been wearing glasses since she was 20 months. We had big problems when she was trying on glasses, she kept taking them off. When she got her own glasses she was fine wearing them. I think she was happy to see better.
On the advise on an MM I went to Visiona Express in Tallaght nut that was partly because we needed tiny glasses and very few places stocked them.
Get them insured.
Hadn't thought of that Claire- thanks!
I'm sure DD will be glad to see better too, so hopefully she'll leave them on.
dd1 has been wearing glasses from around 20 months too, i thought we'd have terrible trouble getting her to wear them but obviously she could see much better with them on so it wasn't too bad. we just worked up the time, started with 20-30 mins every now and then throughout the day,
vision express are quite good because they usually heve them ready within 1 hour whereas specsavers is usually a few days especially if size of the lenses need to be reduced(thickness wise)
BTW as the last poster said definatley go for the insurace....we've had quite a few sat on, stood on or eaten by the dog!!
DS2 started to wear glasses at just gone 3, wearing the glasses has'nt been a problem, as the others say he probably found it so much better with them. We went to Specsavers as I really like the girls in our local one and we got 2 pairs for €99 - you get €54 back I think from the health board and they are entitled to two pairs a year. Wearing the patch however has been a different story. I got themed ones from the Eye and Ear hospital (courtesy of a very kind MM picking them up for me) but I wont be buying them again as he could'nt care less whats on the patch and they dont stay on anywhere near as well as the plain ones that the chemist sell.
We started with the patch for 10 mins a day building up by 5/10 mins each day as he had a fit in the beginning, crying and begging us to take it off. Because it is covering his good eye he has very limited sight from the bad one and I guess it not only annoyed him but frightened him too .
I have found that the only way to keep it on now for any length of time is to do it when we are going to be out and about as he dos'nt notice it as much. So going shopping, for walks - LONGGGGGG walks , baking, sitting reading or playing board games. We are now up to 3 hours but during that time he will still moan constantly, asking "can I take my patch off now?????" 1849 time
Hi cherubs
ds has been wearing his glasses since last september. his situation is slightly different. I brought him to a private opthalmologist as he had a squint. he would NOT wear the prescription he was given. his appointment then came up in the public system and he was given a different prescription which he did wear.
I got his glasses from an opticians (not specsavers or vision express) and they have been quite helpful. I started getting ds to wear his glasses for short periods at a time. It was REALLY tough going for a while. He wanted to take them off after two minutes or else refused to put them on at all. I posted on here at the time, thinking I would never get him to wear them. Mm's told me he would get used to them in time, and he did. He still sometimes protests when I put them on, but then wears them until after tea time.
He also has to wear a patch for 3hours a day (preferably in the morning) and I thought this would be even worse than the glasses, but it wasnt. Unlike Nessa, I found the patches with the pictures a great help. ds chose which patch he wanted to wear each morning, and everyone commented on how cool he looked- some of the kids in the childminders wanted one too!! He now doesnt care too much about whats on the patch, and does protest a lot when I put it on in the morning, but then wears it no problem until lunch time. At the start I found it helpful to have some little activity organised as soon as the patch goes on- colouring, jigsaw etc to take his mind off it. We were advised by the doc to try to have him doing activities that require lots of focusing to help bring on his weak eye when the patch is on. I also found it good to get out of the house for shopping and walks to take his mind off the patch .
Good luck, it might take a little time, but she will get used to it.
Hi all
Our DS started wearing glasses when he was 2. He has a squint & when we brought him 1st he only had 5% vision in the lazy eye. He was patched for 5 days a week & the consultant saw him again after 6 weeks & reduced it to 2 days a week. He couldn't believe the improvement in such a short time. Unfortunately, the glasses & patch started during the really hot summer (if you remember what they are like) of 2006. It was a nightmare because with sun cream etc. he just kept pulling the patch off. After a couple of weeks he just got used to it. He is really determined & I just had to sit with him at all times & as soon as he pulled the patch off, I just stuck another on. He got used to it quickly enough. I had the same problem & it is herediatary. As far as the glasses were concerned, fortunately DS has an older brother & was very aware of all the super heroes. We let him see the Spiderman, Superman, Harry Potter movies & he loved Chicken Little at the time. They all wear glasses & it did seem to help. We also bought him a new bike but he was told that if he didn't wear his glasses it would be brought back to the shop.
On a very positive note, patching is very succesful but a lot of eye specialists say only until they are about 7 or 8 years old. Had him back at the consultant week before Christmas & guess what his vision is back to 20/20. Unfortunately, the squint is still present & look like he will need the corrective surgery. He doesn't need the glasses for vision anymore but hoping that the squint might improve. Not going to push for it this year as he is starting school in Sept & has had 5 operations since last June one of which was major so feel the poor little thing has been through so much.
Stay positive & determined, it is very succesful particularly if caught early enough. Unfortunately, I was older when I was discovered & still need glasses for my vision.
Sorry for waffling on a bit!
My DS , also 4, wears glasses and is patched for 4 hours every day. On the glasses front, he loves wearing them. make sure you get large round eye glass frames as these are far more comfortable on them ( well my son anyway - he wont keep square frames on). I found the local opticians much better the specsavers etc
He is quite good for wearing the patch. We play pirates etc when its patch time. I gound the themed patches that you get from very good. You can also get ones to colour in etc. We have a patch chart and for 7 stars he gets a prize - that works well.
Good luck - its worth it as other posters have said. My ds's sight in the lazy eye has improved hugely since patching started
I actually started wearing glasses and a patch at a young age and bribery definitely worked, so maybe something like a star chart would be useful. I hated the patch to begin with as one of my sisters laughed at me, however when a cousin said I looked like a pirate my sisters and brother wanted to wear patches too - so if you can make your DD think its cool it will help. Another thing my Mum did was always gave me a treat after a trip to the optician - mostly a trip to the cake shop, but it helped me look forward to it rather than hate it so the whole glasses thing was positive rather than negative.The patch did its job as both of my eyes are exactly the same now although unfortunately in my case that means almost blind in both.

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