How to give tablets to a 2 yr old


Does anyone have any tips I have been to a herbalist who gave me tablets saying she has problems with her kidneys. These are for two weeks and all natural ingredients but I have tried everything to get them into her and no success. Any help would be appreciated
Sorry, but for the life of me I cant understand why someone would prescribe 'tablets' to a 2 year old. God its hard enough to get liquid medicine into them at the best of times.
I would also be careful, even thought everything in the tabs is natural dosent always mean its good. Im sure everything in them is safe, but you just never know.
Hope she gets better soon.
I'll prob be shot for saying this but my 2 were on tablets recently and honestly they tasted like poison. In the end I put them into mini bars of chocolate and got them to eat them quickly and got them to drink as they were eating to get them down. If they even got a taste of them they were gagging. The chocolate worked - we had tried everything else.
try crushing them between two spoons until they are as close to dust as possible and either sprinkling them on food or feeding them with something else on the spoon, even a goodie as catd suggests
I had DDs on a remedy and I was told to disolve the remedy in a tiny amount of water and gve it to her that way.
DD1 has also had to have steroid tablets for asthma and I did the same and disolved them in a tiny amount of water and got her to drink them - they really do tase vile though, so bribery was needed after the pink drink of steroids!!!
was a bit wary about them but checked out with a friend of mine and they seem to be ok but are a shocking brown colour and when spat out destroy all clothing in the vicinity I even bought a pill crusher because I am willing to try anything at this stage
Put a bit of jam on a spoon, then the crushed tablet powder and then a bit more jam - holds the powder together, the child can't see or taste the powder either if they swallow the jam whole as they often do.....

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